October ’16 (1/2): Marvel, DC, Image & IDW

previewsThis review of Previews Magazine is intended to bring order to the chaos and draw out all of the wonderful nuggets of goodness that are coming out in a couple of months at your LCS. Most retailers will offer 20-50% off cover price for pre-orders. Retailers may not order enough quantity for hit books and may not order certain indie titles at all. Pre-ordering is your chance to guarantee that you don’t miss out.

The goal is to highlight new series and interesting offerings. Unless something stands out from an already ongoing series I have left it out. I’ve also skipped over the new books coming out that are for adults only (cartoon porn) to keep it more PG.

Some improvements for this instalment:

  • To avoid having a single unreadably huge article, this month will be broken down in 2 articles, with  the second part coming next week.
  • I’ve tried to make the article’s layout more user friendly and there is now a Crossover Events section.
  • If you’re a completist, you’re going to love the expanded Variant Themes section at the end.

This article is for October shipments. Order deadline is August 18th. Let’s see what the future holds!

(N.B. This information is based on the current Previews publication and may not include changes to shipping dates, cancellations or additions of multiple printings.)

Interesting Stuff


STL019793 STL020906 STL019942

  1. Amazing Spider-Man #19 – Who dies? What’s the name on the tombstone? (2 covers: Ross & TBA 1:25)
  2. Civil War II #7 (of 7) – The war ends. (6 covers including a Gi B&W Virgin Connecting H, Steranko Captain America B&W, Noto Miles vs Sam 1:10 and a Sprouse Battle 1:15)
  3. Deadpool: Back in Black #1 (of 5) – Nothing to do with AC/DC, Deadpool is once again teaming up with the alien symbiote. (5 covers including a Liefeld 1:50, Liefeld Sketch 1:100, Contest of Champions 1:10)
  4. Deadpool: Back in Black #2 (of 5) – See above. Cover A is an Amazing Fantasy #15 swipe. (2 covers)
  5. Mighty Thor #12 – Origin story about Thor’s hammer.
  6. Spider-Man/Deadpool #10 – The first print of this issue is being released. I say that because each issue keeps going to multiple printings. Issue #1 is at 7 printings and counting!
  7. Vision #12 – He’s lost everything. Will Vision go on?

STL019800 STL019786 STL019789

DC Comics

STL020675 STL020401

  1. Harley’s Little Black Book #6 – I want to see what happens when Lobo and Harley get together. (2 covers including a Bisley 1:25)
  2. He-Man/Thundercats #1 (of 6) – Lots of swords in this team up. (3 covers including a Heroes, Villains and a Coloring Book)

Dynamite Entertainment


  1. Pathfinder: Worldscape #1 (of 6) – The kick off to a crossover event that will see characters from Paizo’s roleplaying games will battle against characters like Red Sonja, John Carter, Tars Tarkas, Tarzan and more. Issue contains a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game appendix and a tactical map for gaming miniatures. (4 covers including a Mandrake Ultra Limited)

New Series


STL020931 STL019935 STL019986

  1. Cage #1 (of 4) – Luke is for hire once again! (4 covers – see theme variants)
  2. Champions #1 – After the Civil War II, a new team strikes out on their own (11 covers including a 1:100, Action Figure, Classic Action Figure, Captain America 75th, Champions, Hip Hop, Blank, Party, Premiere)
  3. Civil War II: Oath #1 – In the epilogue to Civil War II, Carol Danvers and Tony Stark turn to Steve Rogers. (2 covers)
  4. Clone Conspiracy #1 (of 5) – The Jackal is back wreaking all sorts of havoc. (Jackal, is incidentally, my gamer name.) (5 covers including a Cheung 1:50 and a Blank)
  5. Dark Tower: Drawing of the Three – Sailor #1 (of 5) – Continuing Stephen King’s dark fantasy, a boy fell to his death in the high seas, or did he?
  6. Deadpool Too Soon #1 (of 4) – Someone is taking out the funny characters in the Marvel Universe and Deadpool is on the case. (2 covers)
  7. Death of X #1 (of 4) – The Terrigen Clouds are back at it again. (6 covers including a Kuder Wrap 1:25, Kuder Sketch 1:50, Connecting A, Classic and a Blank)
  8. Doctor Strange: Mystic Apprentice #1 – You don’t get to be a master of the mystic arts overnight. First you have to be an apprentice. Here’s the all-new story. Also reprints 1st app and origin from Strange Tales #110 and #115. (3 covers)
  9. Doctor Strange: Sorcerers Supreme #1 – The good doctor gathers sorcerers from the past, present and future. Because darkness is coming. (9 covers including a Rodriguez 1:25, Christopher Action Figure, Deodato 1:10, Rodriguez Design 1:15, Champions, Hip Hop and a Blank)
  10. Enchanted Tiki Room #1 (of 5) – Another Disney ride coming to life with talking birds, plants and Tiki gods. (5 covers including a Grandt Orange Bird 1:50, Christopher Action Figure, Grandt Connecting, Jody Daily 1:25)
  11. Great Lakes Avengers #1 – The team no one cares about gets their own series. (6 covers including an Allred 1:25, Christopher Action Figure, Hip Hop, Champions and a Blank)
  12. Infamous Iron Man #1 – Doctor Doom dons the Iron Man armor. (8 covers including a Ribic 1:25, Christopher Action Figure, Deodato 1:10, Champions, Hip Hop and a Blank)
  13. Jessica Jones #1 – Alias is open for business again after a decade. We’ll have to see what secrets this woman can uncover. (8 cover including a Maleev 1:50, Christopher Action Figure, Deodato 1:10, Veregge Black Panther 1:25, Champions and a Hip Hop)
  14. Mosaic #1 – A basketball player can jump from person to person like a ghost. (6 covers including a Christopher Action Figure, Deodato 1:10, D’Alfonso Hip Hop, Randolph 1:25 and a Champions)
  15. Solo #1 – He’s at war against alien weaponry that’s hitting the streets. And, you guessed it, he’s going at it solo. (7 covers including a Liefeld 1:50, Liefeld Sketch 1:100, Deodato 1:10, Champions and a Hip Hop)
  16. Year of Marvels: Unbeatable #1 – Nick Fury looks into an illegal arms auction and Tippy-Toe teams up with Rocket Raccoon.

STL019938 STL019973 STL019969

DC Comics

STL020365 STL020362 STL020373

  1. Batman Beyond #1 – The Jokerz are back, inspired by the possible return on their role model, and have taken over a section of Gotham City. (3 covers including a Blank)
  2. Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1 – Newly widowed and trying to live a peaceful life, Cave has to face his past all the his fancy eye is giving him visions. (2 covers)
  3. Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #1 (of 3) – Deadman and a woman with a complicated love life (aren’t they al?) and they face dark forces together.
  4. Hawkman and Adam Strange: Out of Time #1 (of 6) – Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in! At least that’s what happens to Adam Strange as he teams up with Hawkman. (2 covers)
  5. Lost Boys #1 (of 6) – Sequel to the 80’s cult classic vampire film. (2 covers)
  6. Midnighter and Apollo #1 (of 6) – They take on subway pirates and demons! (2 covers)
  7. Shade the Changing Girl #1 – After crossing galaxies to hide, Loma takes over the body of a teenage earth girl. Now she has to deal with madness and high school. (3 covers)
  8. Teen Titans #1 – Damian is leading the team as a foe seeks to take him down. (2 covers)
  9. Vigilante: Southland #1 (of 6) – A new hero emerges to carry on the work of his deceased girlfriend to battle social injustice. (2 covers)
  10. Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special – Various artists come together to celebrate 75 years of a wondrous woman with new stories, art and illustrations. (3 covers)

STL020377 STL020386 STL020387


STL020911 STL020901 STL020902

  1. Black Light District: 6 Issues #1 (of 1) – An Anthology of 6 stories set to the music of the Black Light District EP.
  2. Cannibal #1 – People eating people. Can you kill the ones you love?
  3. Green Valley #1 (of 9) – Knights facing off against a great power. The cover intrigues me.
  4. Moonshine #1 – Back in the days of prohibition, the backwoods were full of entrepreneurs. A NYC mob boss is trying to broker a deal with one such entrepreneur who is protecting a secret. (2 covers)
  5. Reborn #1 – Once you die you have to fight to survive. (7 covers including a Capullo Sketch 1:100, Jock, Blank and McFarlane 1:25)
  6. Romulus #1 – One woman must stand against a secret society that rules our world.

STL020889 STL020891 STL020903

IDW Publishing

STL021273STL021289 STL021279

  1. Dirk Gently: Salmon of Doubt #1 – This character from Douglas Adams gets his own comic series, but will also be featured in his own TV show on BBC America. (3 covers including a Photo and a Hack 1:10)
  2. Disney Giant Halloween Hex #1 – Scrooge McDuck is up against his sorceress foe. (3 covers including an Asaro 1:10)
  3. Duck Avenger #1 – Donald Duck must keep order in Duckburg. (3 covers including a Sciarrone 1:10)
  4. Electric Sublime #1 (of 4) – Famous paintings creating madness. (2 covers)
  5. Insufferable Home Field Advantage #1 – The city is under siege by an army of supervillains in the third and final arc. (2 covers)
  6. October Faction: Deadly Season #1 – The Allan family faces a whole new threat from the past. (2 covers)
  7. Star Trek: Boldly Go #1 – Captain Kirk leads a new adventure in new uniforms! (5 covers including a Blank, Photo 1:10 and Laming 1:25)

STL021283 STL021281

Dark Horse

STL020728 STL020666

  1. Call of Duty: Zombies #1 – This has always been a great video games series and the zombies maps have been a fun challenge.
  2. Chimichanga: Sorrow of the World’s Worst Face #1 – The bearded girl and her beast are back.
  3. Serenity: No Power in the Verse #1 (of 6) – The crew of the Serenity are back for another adventure. (3 covers)
  4. Spell on Wheels #1 (of 5) – Three witches embark on a road trip to recover their magical items.

STL020636 STL020665

To be continued next week …

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