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Fear 11

First Nexus of all Realities

As details about Marvel’s Doctor Strange film continue to trickle out speculators continue to look for key books. ( I still say Sorcerer SUpreme 45 is a sleeper! ) Part of the essence of the good doctor is his ability to travel across dimensions. It looks like this movie might open Marvel films up to it’s own multiverse. If that happens then look out because all bets are off concerning the direction of future films. Remember that Marvel films take place in their own designated ( E-199999 ) reality not the 616. Who's to say we can’t get a glimpse of E-65, 712 or others. And while I never want to see Earth 93060 on a screen a lot of this seems like a natural progression for Marvel to expand its cinematic potential in a plausible way. Remember that the Eye Agamotto is wielded by each Sorcerer Supreme, appointed by the Vishanti to defend his or her own reality. The Vishanti and the Eye have already been confirmed as critical parts of the film. How long before the Nexus of all Realities is mentioned or utilized?


Transformers 63 ( UK )

First Onslaught

There’s all sorts of ridiculous crap being included in Bay’s next Transformers film. Could the last knight be ROM? Well that’s doubtful. But considering the fact that Hasbro is going for a cinematic universe similar to Marvel’s it would make sense for certain characters to show up in new films. If you are fan of this series then get excited because the Combaticon Onslaught has been confirmed! Does that mean we are gonna get Bruticus?


Thor Annual 6

First Bruhl

This issue should already be in your collection. Not only is it the first Tales of Asgard but it’s also a GOTG key. James Gunn has confirmed that the Ravagers are gonna play a bigger role in the next film. Sadly many of the ones with cool names like Half-Nut and Scrote are original creations and have no comic appearances. Bruhl was one of the only new ones named to have appeared in a comic book and this is it.


Green Arrow 12,13

First Onomatopoeia

Kevin Smith is now back on the comic scene but as a director. I prefer him working on live TV/film to writing. It’s not that his stuff isn’t good but nothing should irk a reader more than late books. His Green Arrow series introduced us to the villain Onomatopoeia, one of the more original creations in recent memory. He has since become a sort of cultish fan favorite. I have mentioned my love of this character before but there has been some chatter from Kevin about how he would love to incorporate him in a CW episode if ever given the chance. His first and first cover are cheap buys with impressive cover art. What’s not to like speculators?

Green_Arrow_v.3_12 Green_Arrow_v.3_13

Standoff 1

First Kobik

I clued readers in on this book awhile back on the G+ page. We now know that the Red Skull has been using the Sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik to manipulate Steve Rogers. Originally Steve’s transformation into a long standing Hydra sleeper agent enraged all sorts of fans. Unwilling to wait for the story to progress many threw a ton of hate Marvel’s way. SInce the revelation of Kobik’s use by the Skull things have cooled off. Whether you like the story or not I have a feeling that if you got this far into my article you collect first appearances. Who knows how she will be used in the future but now is still the time to pick up her first. Note: There are other variants for this comic.


Journey into Mystery 97

First Surtur

Well it looks like the fire demon Surtur is in Thor 3 and fighting the Hulk no less. Will he be fighting him Planet Hulk style in the Gamemaster’s area perhaps? A scene like that could steal the film.


Astronaut Academy

Dave Roman’s GN abut tweens getting schooled in space is a charming, funny adventure and the perfect choice for a screen adaptation. Recently the property has been picked up for both TV and film treatments. No one can tell whether it will all pan out but if it does expect the first printing of this work to disappear everywhere.



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