Flash #123

Store variants have been a part of the hobby for quite some time. The first issue that I can remember that had a ton of store variants was Amazing Spider-Man 666 but in that case it was just the logo of the store that changed on each version. For Harley Quinn 1 there are 72 different covers! (Thanks Inigo for putting them all in one place for us!) As I was looking through them all, the one Mike Allred did for Pop Collectibles really caught my attention. Not only is Allred’s art appealing to me but the cover itself is an homage to Flash 123 which features the first meeting between Barry Allen and Jay Garrick. Mike Allred isn’t the first to copy this cover … below are some more examples.

FLASH #123Flash 123

I think one of my biggest issues with the DC universe is the different versions of Earth. I never understood how they interacted with each other and can’t keep track of whether they are merged or separate. Trying to understand what is going on with Kid Flash in Rebirth is giving me a headache. I guess I’m a simpleton in that way.

Flash #147Flash 147

Around two years after the original cover was done, this first homage was drawn. No complaints here.

Action_Comics_445Action Comics 445

Another case of Superman from two different Earth’s encountering one another. I hope on another Earth the version of me is taller with more hair. On my head Khoi Cakes!

Son of Ambush Bug #3Son of Ambush Bug 3

I’ve never read a comic with Ambush Bug in it let alone his offspring. Pass.

Uncle Scrooge Adventures #19Uncle Scrooge Adventures 19

Growing up one of my favorite after school cartoons was Duck Tales so this cover appeals to me. So does Scrooge’s money pit but that’s a different story for another time.

Dark Horse Presents #67Dark Horse Presents 67

First of all, why is the real Predator speaking English. Second, who the eff is that boot leg Predator? I think he should be killed before the other guy.

Flash_v.2_123Flash 123

This I like…for the same issue in Volume 2 of the Flash ongoing they used the original cover. Very clever.

Silver_Age_Vol_1_1Silver Age 1

Poor Penguin…why did they make him wear the Batsuit? It shows all his flaws!

Impulse 70Impulse 70

If you're a speedster and have not done this cover, you're no one!

Flash_Rebirth_Vol_1_005Flash: Rebirth #4

Nice twist on the original … Too late, Flash!

Flash_Vol_4_38_Flash_VariantFlash #38 Flash 75th Anniversary Variant

One of the most recent swipes … That's really the only place where you could add a new Flash where he's not the victim.

s-l500Harley Quinn 1 Comic Pop Exclusive

The reason I wrote this whole article. I absolutely love this cover. I know exclusives don’t usually have much resale value but I couldn’t pass this one up. I love Mike Allred’s art and love that both versions of Harley are represented on this cover. The icing on the cake is that it’s a homage cover. BUY IT!


  • Khoi Cakes

    Wow, I really like this set! Keep up the good work Yoni.

  • Avatar

    Look up Dicks End of Time by Avatar press. It’s a little graphic.

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    Ambush Bug is great! I loved all those mini-series back in the day.

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    Ok so I’m going to rant abit. 1. I don’t think “homage” covers should ever be accepted for these art challenges. It’s not original art it’s basicly a reprinted cover with differnt insignias. 2. This site has lost so much of it’s credibility with me lately. Pushing a comic that you are involved with on your site is fine but when you also put it at number 8 on your hot 10 comics is ridiculous exspecially when it is limited to 1000 copies and is not sold out after 2+ weeks lol. I mean people visit this site for insight. I love the members of this community and site so don’t rip my head off for saying this. I just want honesty and insight from the site I go to for my comic spec Ty.

    • Khoi Cakes

      I’m not even sure why this comment is here. 1) we’re not all about comic speculation, there is love for comics in general here. Hence the multiple different types of articles here – can’t win, either we’re accused of being all pump and dump or we’re not comic spec all the time sheesh. 2) this should have been addressed on the Hot 10 comments. AND, it was addressed – read the comments there and you will see why the book was included based on JJ’s stated sales.

      I’m not mad and really do appreciate your feedback. TBH, the Google+ page is where you will find the most up to date news and spec – it simply is a faster medium to work with.

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    So this isn’t a spec site but it’s called cbinvest not cblove and appreciation lol

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    Is what it is I bet that cammy comic is $5 in 3 months.

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