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While we still have the Wonder Woman movie theme ringing in our ears, those of us who survived SDCC (and were underwhelmed by the comic related news) face a week that's alright but doesn't really have a clear favorite. Is Rebirth fatigue a thing? I might be suffering of that …

Batgirl #1New DC Series

Batgirl #1, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps #1, Nightwing #1 and Titans #1 are the ones coming out this week. These are likely to be everywhere in huge quantities but if you can guess which ones are going to be well received, you might get lucky. After all the Killing Joke talk last week, Batgirl might be the best best, and you know that Albuquerque is going to rock it on art. Titans has Wally West going for it (with possibily more information about what's going on in the DCU) and a cool Mike Choi variant.

Action Comics #960 Ryan Sook VariantAction Comics #960 Ryan Sook variant

It was a toss up between this and Frank Cho's Wonder Woman #3 variant for best Wonder Woman cover of the week, but this Sook image looks like it has been pullet straight off the movie. It's still a mystery how retailers are ordering the variants (they are order as many as you want) and whether they will be reprinted in Nth printings down the road, so both of these seem like reasonable comics to buy.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: RebirthRed Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth

The Dark Trinity sounds like a fun enough concept, but with Scott Lobdell involved it could be great of horrible. Will not give this a try, me hate Bizarro!

Batman: Rebirth 3rd Printing

3rd Printing for the Rebirth One-Shots

It's become obvious by now that retailers severely under-ordered the first few weeks of the Rebirth initiative, but DC's got them covered with new printings for the Batman, Green Arrow and Superman Rebirth one-shots. If DC can keep people's interest (not so sure about that), the first printings should heat up. In any case, while I can see Batman (because Batman) and Superman (best received title of the relaunch) getting more attention, Green Arrow doesn't seem to be burning up the charts?

Captain America Steve Rogers #3 Joe Madureira 75th Anniversary VariantCaptain America Steve Rogers #3 Joe Madureira 1:50 75th Anniversary Variant

Probably says more about my personal tastes than about the actual quality of the cover, but Joe Madureira drawing anything is always welcome. A 1:50 variant? Hmmm, I would say this has potential.

Haunted Mansion #5 Katie Cook 1:10 VariantHaunted Mansion #5 Katie Cook 1:10 Variant

You know how this works by now: last issue of a mini-series so smaller print run, variants have been doing well and collectors will want to complete the set. Plus Disney. Plus Katie Cook. If you can get it cheap, do.

Extraordinary X-Men #12Extraordinary X-Men #12

Talk about wasted potential! Can't believe they waited until the last issue of the arc to put Venom, Deadpool and Moon Knight on the cover!!! If you haven't kept up with this tale of a (not very) possible future, last issue the Horsemen were a lot more present. You never know with these things, sometimes they come back, sometimes they don't, but this was fun enough to be revisited …

Black Panther #2 3rd Printing Run the Jewels B&W variantBlack Panther #2 3rd Printing Run the Jewels B&W variant

That's a mouthful, but there are actually 2 covers coming out today for the 3rd printing.

Captain Kid #1

Captain Kid #1

Mark Waid and Tom Peyer doing a riff on Shazam, where instead of a kid turning into an adult superhero, we have an adult turning into a teenage superhero. Could be fun!

Adventure Time Comics #1Adventure Time Comics #1

Indie comic artists are given free reign on the Adventure Time universe. In this issue Tony Millionaire, Katie Cook and Art Baltazar, with people like Terry Moore or Jeffrey Brown to look forward to … Might have crossover appeal!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!

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