Double Feature: Suicide Squad #1 & All-Star Batman #1

Time for the last two DC variant-fests for now! We are going to include both of them in the same article, because (a) there are not that many and (b) I think after Harley Quinn, the mere mention of store variants makes us want to drop to the ground and adopt a foetal position.

Let's start with those rascals at the Suicide Squad …

s-l1600Paul Pelletier

Rock Shop

s-l1600 (2)Tyler Kirkham

Midtown Comics

s-l500 (1)Josh Middleton

Limited Edition Comix

s-l1600 (3)Greg Tocchini

Fried Pie


Terrific Con

C125135Terry Dodson

Dynamic Forces

13903261_10157209308035371_2933096194463274614_nMichael Turner

Aspen Store

heroicdreamsJay Anacleto

Heroic Dreams

fpBen Oliver

Forbidden Planet

Suicide Squad 1 CMYK 2.0Eric e-Bas Basaldua

Most Good Hobby

bmtDale Keown

Buy Me Toys


Fan Expo Canada

Just seven? Wow! That's just so reasonable Eight now, still reasonable (compared to HQ at least)Unless retailers were waiting for SDCC finish in order to announce them??? Hmmm, We reached 10, too much? Eleven now …

Meanwhile, on All-Star Batman:

s-l1600 (4)Guillem March


s-l500Ben Oliver

Forbidden Planet

s-l1600 (5)Tyler Kirkham

Midtown Comics

s-l1600 (6)Rodolfo Migliari

AOD Collectables / Gotham Central Comics

s-l1600 (7)Lee Bermejo

4th World Comics

s-l1600 (8)Barry Kitson

NY Comics

s-l1600 (9)Afua Richardson

My Parents' Basement

13770297_10157175445070371_8702536927935409489_nMichael Turner

Aspen Store

C125215Jae Lee

Dynamic Forces

1532510624Ben Caldwell

Fried Pie / BAM


Fan Expo Canada

As always, if you know about any other variants, please let us know!!!


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