The Monday After SDCC Edition

Want to know which books from last Wednesday's new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Monday After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 7/20/16. They could still be at your shop.

Sorry for the delays! San Diego Comic Con always means quiet Wednesdays surrounding the event. I figured it might be fun to switch things up a bit and do a “Monday After” to see how Wednesday's books held up over the weekend and also include the top SDCC exclusive books in this list as well. However, don't stress, we'll be back to Thursday's this week.


STL010898 Once+Our+Land+#1+cover Street Fighter Legends: Cammy #1 Frank Cho 1:10 Variant

BRICKLEBERRY #1 1:10 SKETCH VARIANT – The 1:10 sketch variant is selling for $20-$25 (PLUS shipping). That's not too shabby for a 1:10, not to mention that most LCS will often sell variants like these for cover. It's an easy and quick flip if you find one.

ONCE OUR LAND #1 (SCOUT COMICS) – Scout is moving up! This is currently a $20 book and really hard to find. It should hold for a while. However, it has 2 things working against it: 1) it's a 2 part miniseries (Miniseries almost always drop hard). 2) they're technically reprints. Writer & artist Peter Ricq had a Kickstarter with a 110 page hardcover book of both parts 1 & 2, limited to 500 copies. These shipped in April & May of this year. If you buy into kick-starters, then the $20 buy in to get this was a huge win as it currently sells for $100. There were only 240-ish backers, so I assume the rest were sold at conventions. These are the books to track down. Many had sketches on or in them too.

SOLARMAN #1 (SCOUT COMICS) – Another winner for Scout. This is selling for $18-$20 shipped. The CBFS Paul Green variant (limited to 250) is the one to track down as it's doing $40 shipped. If this title has any legs, that limited to 250 variant is going to go nuts.

STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS CAMMY #1 FRANK CHO 1:10 VARIANT – I like Frank Cho a lot. And while this Cammy “Manara's controversial Spider-Woman” homage seems a little late to the relevant party, I still wanted one. The 1:10 sells for $20-$25 shipped, which (again) is really good for a 1:10. The 1:20 sketch is incredibly hard to find and sells for $50. There's also JJ'S COMIC & ART virgin/color variant, limited to 1000 copies, selling for about $40 shipped (or you can get it cheaper here).

YoungTerrorists-02-SDCCexclusive-600x928 TomorrowsAshes-01_SDCCexclusive-600x928 TheForeveres-01_SDCCexclusive-600x929

BLACK MASK SDCC: YOUNG TERRORISTS 2, 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK SDCC MYSTERY SET, THE FOREVERS PREVIEW & TOMORROW'S ASHES PREVIEW – the preview books are both limited to 66 copies. Forevers is doing $95 shipped & Tomorrow's Ashes is selling for $50. Young Terrorists, limited to 99 copies, is doing about $50 (though there haven't been many sales). The 4 kids “mystery set” was limited to 50 and one set sold for $400. However, word has been going around at how bad the set is (cheesy & cheap props). There are a handful listed, and all those sellers are holding out for that same $400. None are moving. My guess is they'll come down to about $150.

cap2 dead CnSIjtgXYAAeC3P

CAPTAIN AMERICA STEVE ROGERS #2 B&W SDCC VARIANT – Its last sale was 7/23 for $70 shipped. However, undercutting has begun with just a few copies listed. Currently available for $50.

DEADPOOL VS. GAMBIT 1 SDCC VARIANT – not sure on how limited this is, but it's quickly moving at $50. It should hold, even when undercutting begins.

HILLBILLY 1 SDCC VARIANT – I TOTALLY forgot to add this one in. Which is funny because it was the only exclusive I was paying attention to pre-SDCC. This limited to 500 copies Albatross exclusive is selling for $80 shipped ($100 in some cases). Signed copies are going for $100.  It's a great book and these are in high demand.  Longevity though, I'm not sure.  Powell's creations have some long staying power in the after market, regardless if it's made or not made into content.  While 500 copies doesn't seem to be many, it's a lot if most of those buyers list them this week to get their $100 out of it.  Watch this one carefully.  If it dips low enough during the undercutting, it might be the perfect time to grab a copy.  Then just hold it for a year or two.  It will most likely rebound.  I wouldn't touch it right now at the current prices.

BM_Cv1_ConVar.web__0 SM_Cv1_ConVar.web_ WW_Cv1_ConVar.web__0

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 REBIRTH SDCC VARIANTS – Some sales of the standard covers that released this week are selling for $1. Even the new 52 relaunch really never hit hard on the back market for Justice League. With that said, the Aspen Turner b&w variant is doing pretty well at $45ish. The HOT books to get appear to be the solo Batman foil “convention exclusive”. The Jim Lee Superman, Wonder Woman & Batman variants were available for $10 each at the DC booth. A set of those with the standard “team” SDCC Foil variant sold recently for $200. However, Batman alone sells for $50 to $75. All of the JL exclusives seem to be doing decently at $25 (Benes color and B&W). The golden apple variant is only doing $10 though. All of these are more then likely going to see a slip once people get home and list them. However, Rebirth has suffered from a lack of in-store incentive variants and also WAY too many store exclusives that have watered down values. Justice League doesn't have too many (like Harley or Batman does), so these foil variants could see some healthy staying power down the line.

PowerRangers_005_SDCC ROM1SDCC-198x300 TOT33B_Cover2

MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS #5 BLACK RANGER VARIANT – I feel like this variant was phoned in with another simple color swipe. However, still selling for $50.

ROM #1 SDCC IDW VARIANTS – The limited to 600 copies b&w exclusive are selling for $30. The PX (Previews) exclusive connecting set (both in color & b&w) are also selling for $15 for color and $30 for b&w. The Silver Diamond SDCC retailer exclusive is selling for $25, while the ruby variant is $45. There's also a limited retailer incentive, blue foil (limited to 500) LISTED for $199 (none sold) and a ruby version for $50. I don't know if those last two were actually SDCC exclusives.

SKYBOUND SDCC “NEGAN” VARIANTS – The standard color variants are roughly doing $20 each. However the limited to 250 B&W variants are going nuts and selling for $250! Man, I would've loved to have seen a Walking Dead variant with just Shiva.

unnamed-7 s-l1600 13770283_10154373874299532_8257803501695876326_n

SNOTGIRL #1 SDCC VARIANT – while the standard issues have seen some sets sell for $10+, they're mostly selling for cover. What REALLY took off this weekend is the Skybound SDCC variant, limited to 500 copies. It's selling for $70 to $80.

ZENESCOPE DEATH FORCE 1 “GOLD STORMTROOPER” SDCC VARIANT – limited to 25, this variant recently sold for $275 + shipping. There's also a VIP “black costume” variant selling for $85. And yes, they also had a limited to 350 ESCAPE FROM MONSTER ISLAND 1 BOBA FETT purple/black variant. That's selling for $75. They should have really made the BOBA FETT the limited to 25 book. There's a bizarre Spider-man Cable combo cosplay variant for “Robyn Hood I Love New York #2” that's selling for $55 and a “Hellchild #5” Batgirl variant also doing well at $55. There's a naughty ZENESCOPE doing well too, but….. we'll leave that out.


1537433_xl BettyandVeronica1AdamHughes-668x1024 s-l500

BETTY & VERONICA #1 ADAM HUGHES VARIANTS – Publishers, please stop with the multiple variants. I think this has something like 25 in-store variants. It's like a middle finger to both the collector and speculator. Hughes was the hot variant to get and completely disappeared from shelves. It WAS selling for about $10. You can currently find them for close to cover on eBay. The SDCC variant is doing okay at $20. Folks who got it signed are moving them at $60. The Campbell store variants are doing about $30 each for the color & b&w. Keep in mind, Archie has an extremely short life span on the back market. There is some hope for the SDCC variant as there aren't many listed currently. However, like all SDCC variants, people who have them are traveling home. A flood is imminent.

BLACK HAMMER #1 NGUYEN SDCC VARIANT – Sets are selling for a tad over cover. The SDCC exclusive is doing decently at $20 shipped.






FAITH (ONGOING) #1 – The 1:50 variant is doing about $30 shipped. That's not great, but you could find this cheaper. However, I doubt stores ordered 50 copies.


TheHunt_01-1HELLBLAZER REBIRTH #1 – Well, now we officially have Rebirth titles selling for less then cover. Even my LCS mentioned how quickly sales have slowed for them for recent Rebirth titles. I honestly don't know how “rebirthing” a title like Hellblazer helps it. However, time will tell. The last of the rebirth titles will be the ones to get as stores will begin cutting orders.






  • Avatar

    Briggs Land ashcan heating up.

  • Avatar

    Any long term thoughts on the Hillybilly 1 SDCC Sketch cover? Or is it more of a quick flip?

  • Avatar

    “Publishers, please stop with the multiple variants.” – Uhm, I hate to say this, but until speculators stop buying everything up in rabid waves, this will continue. There’s no “collectability” value to variants. It’s ALL about the fast buck, and fan speculation (be it long or short term.)

    • Avatar

      I never buy a book that has more than 2 variants. I seen variants go from a to z. The harley quinn variants are ridiculous. I fear it may devalue the character. It’ll be shamefull if this happens.

    • Matt DeVoe

      I agree and disagree with you. I don’t think these muliple variants are aimed towards the speculator. Most of us know to stay far away. These are cash grabs at collectors. I still enjoy buying variants, but only when it’s 1 or 2 for a book. The varint market is strong. But this 25 cover thing is ridiculous. And you’re not wrong. If people didn’t buy them, they would stop.

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    Personally I love my Hillbilly. I’d never sell my SDCC sketch cover. The storyline is awesome. Powell has great artwork. It took only two people to develop that book. Can’t wait to see what other independent works come out of Albatross.

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    Regarding the Robyn Hood I love NY variant, it’s not a Cable/Spider-Man mashup it’s just Spider-Man cosplay. The Robyn Hood character in this book has an eye similar to Cable so I can understand the confusion if you are not familiar with the series.

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    Is the Batman Superman Wonder Woman and Justice League SDCC Jim Lee Variants only foil covers? or was there a normal non foil cover too?

  • William Hild

    The Snotgirl 1 came with a special snotgirl box of tissues during a small signing by Bryan O’Malley and leslie hung.

  • itseddieok

    It probably won’t happen, but I’m hoping the Riverdale show will give those Hughes Betty & Veronicas a shot of life.

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    I don’t see Batman 1 Foil slipping soon…one just sold for $139

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