Katana’s Tip of the Sword


Time for another guest-writer, this time it's Tim S with some info nobody's talking about but is really interesting … Thanks Tim!!!

Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Suicide Squad team with the movie coming, the Rebirth title and Jim Lee doing the art (which looks great by the way) – this reminds me of a Temecula California Hero's Costume Party BBQ story I would like to share along with some research done.

So there I was, driving along Highway 15N to Temecula (for those who don't know where it's located, let's say it's a commuter's spot between San Diego and San Bernadino … Sticksville to us city folk), heading to a costume party/birthday BBQ and having visions of the upcoming Dr. Strange movie while dressed as Captain America with my wife as Black Widow (don't try to go Vision if wife's way hotter than Scarlet). We, of course, arrived fashionably late (like all Californians) and were received by a large number of people in different costumes.

What I noticed was there were a lot of teenage girls, partly because the party host has 3 daughters and I'm sure they invited about every other girl they knew. A lot dressed as Harley Quinn, but to my shock there were about double dressed up as Katana (about 7-9 total). These were not your ordinary cosplay girls, congirls, or girls that would have any interest in the comics.

That's when it hit me…. how the hell do these girls know about Katana?! I guess they have seen her image on Facebook or one of the social media pages without getting any more details about the character's origin.

The BBQ was great and we both had a great time so while driving home, I was chatting with my wife about who Katana and the Suicide Squad are (she knows who Harley is) and telling her it was weird that there was so many girls as Katana……… she then gave me the green light to purchase her first appearance, which is The Brave & The Bold #200. FYI, the last time my wife green-lit a comic to buy up was Edge of Spider-verse #2.

While waiting for my copies of BB 200 to come, I was still intrigued by Katana so I looked up her solo series. There were a lot of dollar bin listings on eBay at the time, along with some decently priced B&W variants. I'm talking about the first solo Katana series in DC, heavily under-ordered by vendors and which did not last past 10 issues, with variants only for the first 5. It was probably a little bit of a premature release by DC, meaning if it was a week to the movie's opening day it probably would be a good seller. So I looked up some of the print runs on www.comichron.com and about flipped my lid when I saw how low print these issues are.

266576_20130213103826_largeB&W 1:50 Variant

540 copies max

269119_20130316120048_largeB&W 1:25 Variant

770 copies max

271319_20131107200129_largeB&W 1:25 Variant

646 copies max

272191_20130726152253_largeB&W 1:25 Variant

592 copies max

278888_20130726152352_largeB&W 1:25 Variant

520 copies max

You can take these numbers how you like, but for me, with these low numbers (especially for a #1), a HUGE movie coming, and a likable mysterious female character with a bright future ahead of her in the DCU, my dollar is on Katana.


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    She seems stuck in Harley’s shadow for now, but she could have a nice breakout very soon.

  • Topher

    The only other Katana keys I can think of beyond what you have written about are Batman and the Outsiders 11,12 ( her origin ) and they are still pretty cheap!

  • Underdog

    Nice story and spec possibility. I started buying copies of Katana #1 about a year ago, and plan on buying more. The prices I’m paying are a bargain and I should be able to flip them soon.

    • Tim Sack

      Sweet!! Call me crazy but thinking DC might use her more in future in movie titles and hopefully steals show in SS plus we might see her in the solo Harley movie coming. Didn’t mention this in the article but #6-10 have a low print as well.

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    And Katana 1 is now a 100$ book. 540 is a low, low print run.

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    Great articke as usual. Those variants are awesome, thanks for the heads up.

    Katana is featured in the DC Super Hero Girls cartoon. That may be where the girls are finding their inspiration. To my surprise, my 3 year old knows who Katana is. This year’s SDCC DC Super Hero Girls exclusive doll is a very nicely packaged Katana.

    • Tim Sack

      Thanks for the info on the super hero girls doll, sounds awesome got to check that out. Nice info as well about your 3 year old what other comic characters does your kid know about?

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