Dash Rendar, David Petersen, Captain Power, Taserface and more

Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Special Edition & Star Wars Galaxy Magazine Spring 1994

First Dash Rendar

That sure looked like Dash Rendar’s ship in Rebels or at least it’s in the same class. Just that image sent fans into a fit. This speculative pic is waaaaayyyyy out there but Dash and Shadows of the Empire keys are cheap.

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David Petersen

200678_20100522022143_large121034_20080304070007_largeYe Old Lore of Yore (ComiXpress)

The first pro work for David is this self published work from Comixpress, the same place that incredible rare Mouse Guard 1 came from. With this book you get a bit of a bonus, it is also the first appearance of Cursed Pirate Girl, a fan favorite amongst many.

Ramayan Reloaded 3

Nobody picks Virgin books but this one is David Petersen’s first cover outside of Mouse Guard and with all the rumors surrounding Mouse Guard, now it the time to pick up Petersen keys.

Captain Power 1, 1b

First Captain Power

Captain Power is returning to the screen! What’s next, a Legends of the Hidden Temple movie?

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Guardians of the Galaxy 1

First Taserface

This copper nugget can still be found at flea markets and yard sales because Marvel printed a boat load. It’s been mentioned before but now that Taserface is in the new film you have another reason to get digging. It looks like Yondu might be getting that fin too!


For those who hate preview spec you can consider this the end of this week’s article and head right back to CBSI’s main page …

Image Comics Expo Preview July 2015

If you are sticking around this one features the first color previews for Huck, Plutona and Black Magick. The last two have recently seen announcements that have sent speculators into a feeding frenzy.


Dark Horse Insider 6,7

I feel compelled to mentioned these two one more time. As a huge Evil Dead fan I spent some time collecting all the comic appearances I could find. The Dark Horse Mini for Army of Darkness is a must own but the set can get a bit pricey. The series debuted in these two Insider books making 6 the first appearance of Army of Darkness and 7 Ash’s first comic cover. It has just been announced that Army of Darkness will be a part of Ash vs. the Evil Dead Season 2.

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