Classic Cover of the Week 7/24/2016


New Week, New Covers!!

 Mystic Comics 8

Mystic Comics #8

Loving this Al Gabriele cover.  Unfortunately its a Timely from the early 40s and is quite rare.  The last one I saw was a 7.5 or 8.0 about a year ago.  Everything about this cover makes it a classic from the “Schomburgesque” style right down to the iron maiden being operated by some nazi monster demon…  Excellent!

23 Universal copies on the census with an average of 6.45.  A lone 9.6 and a 1.5 own the top and bottom space.

SHELF DATE of March 1942







 Dynamic Comics #13

Dynamic #13

Another classic skull cover from Chesler, who most will know as the company that published Punch Comics (#12).  An absolute ghost in the market place.  I have been searching this comic out for the last couple of years and most dealers I mention this to have no idea what I am asking for.

0 On the CGC census

SHELF DATE of January 1945

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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    These are great! Keep em coming!

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    Another zero graded? Amazing how tough some of these are!

  • Nicc T

    Wow, one I’ve been searching for myself Ben! Roughly 4 years ago I saw Dynamic 13 in crap condition (page torn, water damage) for $1300 in a shop when I visited California. I thought it was too much and passed on it. I’ve been searching for one ever since and have never found it. Like my Menace 5 (which I finally grabbed) this is one of my grails.
    Great post, as per usual!

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