Marvel Lego Variants (part 3)

The final portion of Lego covers. One of them I could only find a panel for but I’m not sure what book it's located in. I challenge you all to find it!

430e6c00e73417809a521c7d64026675Mighty Avengers 1 Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_12Amazing Spider-Man 12
I am updating my favorite cover of the series to this one. When I first saw it I didn’t realize it was an homage. I just thought it was an original. The yellow background is great on this cover but that stupid red band is terrible!
Marvel_Universe-_Avengers_Assemble_Vol_1_1_LEGO_VariantMarvel Universe Avengers Assemble 1 Avengers_Assemble_Vol_2_1Avengers Assemble 1
No Falcon in the original but the rest of the team are in the same battle-ready positions on both covers.
lego-variant-cover-3Secret Avengers 10 UncannyAvengers_1_DPCMMVariantUncanny Avengers 1
Deadpool back to his cover swiping ways!
superior-spider-man-19-castellani-lego-retail-variant-1-25-marvel-comic-book-14229-pSuperior Spider-Man 19 Amazing Fantasy #15Amazing Fantasy 15
Like I had to tell you guys what cover this swiped!
6f59b0cf13e73582132dca8ee6a86aa9_xlThor God of Thunder 14 loki-by-sal-buscema???
The original is from a comic, I just don’t think it’s a cover. Let me know if any of you have seen this image somewhere.
Rocket Raccoon Lego Stan Lee VariantRocket Raccoon 1
I don’t believe this one was an homage but it rounds out the Lego theme. Not really sure why Stan is on the cover of this book but he probably had his reasons.

New theme next week!

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