Justice League Trailer (+ Bonus Wonder Woman Trailer)


Not much more to say, watch it now!!!

UPDATED: Here's the Wonder Woman trailer too …


  • JerryFilms

    Wonder Woman trailer looks awesome. The Justice League kinda came off like Ocean’s 11…with super powers.

  • Topher

    I’d like a piece of Etta Candy.

  • Avatar

    Is it just me of was the Justice League trailer just not that exciting? Wonder Woman looks awesome though!

    • Avatar

      it’s not just you. You’re spot on both remarks. I couldn’t help but think the trailer reminds me of the Wonder Woman 603 JH Williams variant

  • Avatar

    We should be talking about what justice league books to invest in good specs sound off

    • Khoi Cakes

      Though I understand YOUR concern that we cater to YOUR interests and help YOU make YOUR money, comic speculation really comes down to you doing your research and not having it spoon fed to you. Enjoy the site for what it is and think of it as only one tool of the many you should be having in your comic spec toolbox.

  • Avatar

    i noticed that they put a lot more humor in the justice league trailer. Looks like they realized that everything doesn’t hve to be so dark and gritty

  • Avatar

    Sorry, but the Flash looks like crap! That suit is Fuuugly!

    Finally a change in overall tone. That alone should help immensely!

  • Avatar

    Yeah the DC films have all been on the serious side. Looks like they took a cue from marvel and have lightened things up a bit. As far as spec goes, I’ve been grabbing every copy of Justice League #6 (New 52) that I come across. That’s when all the members of the league officially join the team.

  • Dirty-Dalek

    The lighter side in jl film has been the plan since batman begins. In batman begins there is a line, it’s always darkest before the dawn. The story has been t

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