Once Our Land #1 (2016) Scout Comics

1537688_ful WRITER: Peter Ricq
ARTIST: Peter Ricq
Scout is the 2016 Black Mask and I haven't decided if that is a good thing yet or not. That being said, this book was the clear cut winner of the week by a landslide. The book came out two weeks ago and got nuclear hot this week with countless copies being sold on eBay for up to $40 with most in the $25 range.

2 Hillbilly #1 SDCC Sketch Variant (2016) Albatross Funny Books

CnSIjtgXYAAeC3P WRITER: Eric Powell
ARTIST: Eric Powell
Eric Powell has a hot book on his hands with Hillbilly. He brought a sketch variant with a limited 500 print run to SDCC and sold out this morning. The book is already selling on eBay for $75 and it wouldn't surprise me to see it stay there or higher over the next week. 500 copies in less than 24 hours is pretty impressive for a small company and book such as this.

3 Invincible Iron Man #7 Women of Power Variant (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis
ARTIST: Mike Deodato, Jr
This book and its horrible cover has overtaken the 1st print as the book to own right now in association with Riri Williams and her 1st appearance. It has consistently sold for over $30+ the past week. I don't believe it will last, but it is rarer than the 1st print, and people such as myself like that contributing factor. The fewer copies make it harder to come by.


4 Deadly Class #1 1st Print (2014) Image Comics

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Wes Craig
The big speculation news so far out of SDCC has been in regard to Deadly Class. The Russo Brothers (Captain America directors) have signed up to adapt the comic for a TV series. The book, which was $5 at this time last week, has surged into the $30 range in the past 48 hours with countless copies being sold on eBay. The Russo Brothers put out quality work, and the fact they are attached to this Remender project makes this an attractive speculation book. It's a great read, set in the 80s, and won't have the budget constraints some other shows may have. This has a chance.

1254078_ful (1)

5 Spawn #227 Incentive Todd McFarlane Sketch Cover (2014) Image Comics

WRITER: Todd McFarlane
ARTIST: Szymon Kudranski
Keith S. mentioned the Spawn sketches in his weekly article Variant Heat Check earlier in the week. The whole run of sketch books are taking off like the Marvel Venom variants did last year. The winner of the group by far is the #227 sketch homage to ASM #300. Multiple raw copies have sold for over $400 in the past week. I procrastinated and never bought a copy of this book, and I'm kicking myself for it. This book has a TON of room for growth in my opinion.


Henchgirl #1 (2015) Scout Comics

WRITER: Kristen Gudsnuk
ARTIST: Kristen Gudsnuk
The big announcement that Henchgirl is going to Dark Horse caused this already hot book to get even hotter the past week. High-grade copies get gobbled up quicker than Shaun Leggitt at last call. The book is nearing $400 in 9.8 and raws sell anywhere from $75-125 as soon as they are listed. This has been one of the breakout books of 2016 and with Dark Horse it might get even hotter.


7 The Killing Joke (1988) DC Comics

WRITER: Alan Moore
ARTIST: Brian Bolland
People are excited about the animated movie that is coming out next week in theaters (1 day) before it hits retail. This is one of the most iconic and most controversial Batman books to date. Moore and Bolland created something special with this material and people are buying it up again. There are 11 prints I believe, but the 1st print is the one collectors have gravitated towards here recently. Lots of copies sold the past few days.


8 Street Fighter Legends Cammy #1 JJ's Comics Cho Homage Color Variant

ARTIST: Omar Dogan
This book blew up this week! Yes, JJ is sponsoring a contest for us on the website; I want to be transparent about this. That being said, the book is currently sold out at Midtown and JJ's website and is selling like water in the Sahara right now on eBay at $40+. I had no clue there were as many Street Fighter collectors as there are. Good book and should see a little more growth at this rate.


9 Avengers #112 (1973) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Steve Englehart
ARTIST: Don Heck
Mantis…………….sigh. Smh. Lots of copies sold this week because of some storyboard art being released. Time will tell. Gamora and Nebula 1st appearances didn't do much after the 1st movie and haven't since. Very skeptical of the potential of this book.


10 Astonishing Ant-Man #10 Variant Death Of X Cover (2016) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Nick Spencer
ARTIST: Ramon Rosanas
Collectors love great covers, and Marvel and artist Jenny Frison provided us one this past week. The book has been selling around $10-15 since it came out Wed. It's not a ratio variant, but sold out everywhere and lots of people were scrambling to grab a copy. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see this climb higher and higher.


Deadly Class #1 Eh! Variant (

WRITER: Rick Remender
ARTIST: Wes Craig
Jimmy is a punk kid with a bad attitude, but his sexy hair and the rarity of this book has caused it with the 1st print to blow up in the past 48 hours. Jimmy had a few leftover and sold out in an hour on the CBSI G+ group. 1k print run and the best cover of the lot makes this a contender after the 1st print.


Harley Quinn #1 New 52 Adam Hughes Variant

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Chad Hardin
This book is a monster and has been since the day it was released. Just when you think it's about to get cold, a copy sells for over $1k like it did this last week.

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