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Classy! Deadly Keys … The Deadly Class Key Issues!

Featuring edge of your seat writing by Rick Remender and gritty yet eye appealing art from Wes Craig, Deadly Class from Image Comics is a book you will want to read, and then keep reading. Set in San Francisco in the 1980s and featuring the assassin school King's Dominion Atelier of the Deadly Arts, Deadly Class is the perfect comic book to be adapted onto the small screen.

Announced this week at San Diego Comic-Con, Deadly Class will be adapted into a TV Series by Joe and Anthony Russo. I can't think of a better match and it's not a reach to say that this show could be as popular as The Walking Dead or Preacher.

Below is a list of key issues and 1st appearances. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll keep the chatter to a minimum.

My only question is which clique are you?
-The Preps
-Dixie Mob
-Suto Vatos
-Jersey Kings
-F.W.O. (Final World Order)
-Kuroki Syndicate

Kicking it off is issue #1 and, yes, it is jammed packed with 1st appearances, including the main character Marcus Arguello. #1 also includes the 1st appearances of Maria, Master Lin, Saya Kuroki, and Willie. Issue #2 includes the 1st appearances of Yolga, Lex, Victor, Saabnam, Brandy, Chico, Paulie Caravaggio, and F-face. The first two issues of Deadly Class are the books to grab!
Deadly Class #3 features the 1st appearance of Russell Lewis.

There is a rare 2nd Print variant cover as well.

Picking up Deadly Class #7 is a good idea. This issue features the 1st appearances of Blain, Petra, Sue Ann, and Jimmy John. Deadly Class #9 has the 1st appearances of Brandy Lynn and El Alma Del Diablo, who I'm sure will be a main villain in the show at some point.  

This is not a race thing, but with what's going on in the States and the world, it's appropriate these two issues lined up together. Everybody is equal and I'll leave it at that. Deadly Class #13 has a tough to find in high-grade black cover and features the 1st appearance of Amante Jael. Deadly Class #14 has another tough to find in high-grade all white cover and is the 1st appearance of Kelly. Great art on both of these.
Deadly Class #17 is the 1st appearance of Durp Flumpdunger, Dan, and Yorseph. Deadly Class #18 is the 1st appearance of Paulie and another tough white cover.

Recommended Reading

Pick up these trade paperbacks, read them, then trade them. Make your own call on this book. It will be $10 that won't be wasted.

      • Deadly Class Vol 1 TPB: Reagan Youth
        Collects Deadly Class #1-6.
      • Deadly Class Vol 2 TPB: Kids of the Black Hole
        Collects Deadly Class #7-11.


There are a couple of sweet variants for the #1 issue of Deadly Class. Deadly Class #1b has a sweet Saya Kuroki cover, which is also her first appearance. Deadly Class #1 EH! and DCBS Variants both feature some jaw dropping art and feature a host of characters who also all have their first appearances contained in the first issue. Finally, my favorite Deadly Class cover is the Deadly Class #12 Jerome Opena Variant Cover.


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