The Unpressable Defects #11

The gang is reunited so the episode goes over 2 hours! CBCS' new label, some advice when buying big books on eBay, Pokemon Go and foodtrucks in cemeteries, Scout comics, this week's books, Spawn variants and a lot other stuff!!!


Language warning! Contains strong language …


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    Hahaha I appreciate the attempt at the shout out Khoi! My prediction for Venom is Tony Stark and the Invincible Iron Man 512 Variant becomes a $1k book.

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    HAHAHA! I so wish you had started the show with Informer. Good info as usual. I’ve been collecting for many years with a big pause…until about 3 years ago when I started grabbing books that caught my eye. I was strictly Marvel back in the day, but as an adult I’m all about DC and I’m glad to hear you guys kinda validate my move. Sometimes I think you are a little bit too harsh on Marvel, but numbers don’t lie. SpiderMan with Miles Morales has been pretty good and is really the only book I read consistently from them.
    I’m curious about the other side of spec. We (you guys) are always mentioning spec with books going up, but do you ever have any picks for them to come crashing down? Is that even a thing to spec down? I feel like I do a lot of research and when to bail on a book doesn’t come up as much as when not to buy it to begin with.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Khoi Cakes

      Thanks! I’m guilty of not being pro-Marvel, but IMO, the writing and art have been pretty bad. Unfortunately, like most comic book readers, I can’t get every book so can only assess what I’ve actually read. And as stated, it’s been pretty bad, but I’ll continue to read what I can and will update further. Jimmy has a Snow tattoo on his inner thigh.

    • merlin

      You should start a thread in the forums for shaky specs! That’s huge! I’m a Marvelite but really just for the silver age, and not even exclusively (working on a run of Adventure)… I think the Moon Knight and Black Panther books are good. I hear a lot of positive reviews of Vision too, but with the mixed response on Batman (Tom King) I think some of those low printed earlyish issues might bee books to get out of quick (barring #1).

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    Great show guys and just letting you know there are copies of batman incorporated 11 combo pack on midtown comics nm for $3.80

  • merlin

    “We’re just going through this list and asking what we want, live?” This is why the wives love Jimmy. Trey I think you had a good spec on those nothing 9.8s. I’ve been thinking the most, maybe only undervalued books are not key, per se. Any book is “key” to a run, and with classic titles like Detective or stories like Swamp thing (Moore of course) the issues between first appearances are just as crucial to the story, and sometimes just better, and always way way less money. With all of the NM 98 9.8s on the census one should start to think more in terms of what’s rare and desirable than what’s key even if there are a million.
    I went to my LCS on weds and saw Once Our Land on the rack. I wasn’t a fan of the art so I put it back and told my friend who runs the shop it was picking up steam. He wouldn’t mark it up anyway. Went back yesterday and it was still there so I bought it. I took it to my friends place, took some nice angled photos for Shaun (it was a nice copy), undercut the other listings by three dollars for Mel V and sold the mf by the time I got back to the house. So glad to have y’all back.

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    Man, Khoi, hit me up later and we can figure out that auto razz…Thanks for the shout out guys!!

  • bytemonkey

    This has been one of the most entertaining podcast I’ve listen to in a very long time. I give it 4 out of 5 bananas! Keep up the great work.

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    Great podcast. You guys got a little off-topic, but occasionally it’s ok. You guys mentioned something about the Cammy/Cho cover giveaway, and then nothing else was mentioned. Deets please. Thanks!

  • Gwenpool4President

    More small print/independent publisher talk, please. That is really interesting right now.

  • vanix

    Just got through my first cast. Good fun. Even my wife was laughing at some of the things that was said while she was putting on her make up.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed all the p/casts so far, so keep doing what you’re doing. Until a few casts ago I have never picked up too many Marvel variants just because of the lcs over pricing. Got the lowdown on the 5or…. Stores where you said that it was f…ed up that any a-hole right off the street could go right in and score some really nice variants for cheap. Thanks for that info because I’m happy and proud to say that that a-hole is now me!! Keep cracking me up and I’ll keep listening. Thanks from your average 49 year old dude.

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    Dang Trey, you and I must have had the same seller on Ebay. I bought a book described to be 9.8 cgc ready, pictures looked immaculate. Got the book and the spine looked like it had been attacked by two feuding lumberjacks on the opposite sides of a crosscut saw.

    I usually will take my Ebay lumps if appropriate, but the description vs photos provided were so disconnected that I also had to send that dreaded message of a refund is needed.

    Same response, you’re a scammer…you altered my book upon receipt, you know nothing about comic book condition….emailed Ebay that I screwed up his book, etc. Wow, stress and got my money back after a month or so, but I did send the book back and actually paid for return shipping because I didn’t want to lose the $100+ I paid for the book. Long story short I lost $8 or so on the transaction and out of hundreds of Ebay transactions.

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    I just listened a bit further in the podcast before my above post and karma is 100% legit. I don’t base my actions on potential negative reactions, but I couldn’t live with myself if I kept I kept a book from someone who tried to jack me. In my case I actually lost $8 when I should have been held harmless. I’m not cosmic/superstitious/etc by any means, but good vibes only receive multiples of that energy if you truly mean it without the smallest anticipation of reciprocity.

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