Suicide Squad Speculation Checklist

Suicide-Squad-3With the Suicide Squad movie being released on August, there is still a bit of time to track down some spec books that could see further price bumps or spikes before we see the characters on the big screen. Below is a list of issues that folks are or will be looking for.


Batman Adventures #12

1st Appearance of Harley Quinn. This book has already surpassed most expectations and could have a lot of gas left in the tank. The more popular HQ gets, the crazier her “Key Issues and Classic Covers” will become in price. Clearly the winner of the pack save perhaps B&B 25 though I expect that to settle once the movie is released, where I can honestly say I do not think BA 12 has hit its price ceiling yet.

Batman #357

1st Appearance of Killer Croc. Being the 1st appearance of Jason Todd does not exactly hurt the demand on this issue. Killer Croc getting more attention along with Jason for other reasons, made this book jump leaps and bounds in price over the last year. Still a great buy at guide prices. This is definitely another book I do not see cooling off any time soon.

Strange Adventures 187

Strange Adventures #187

1st App Enchantress. It’s interesting to sit back and watch the DC silver age market when a book gets hot. We see an initial spike in price, then a minor flood with a minor price correction, then without fail we see the book in question slowly rise up again as people realize DC Silver is a lot harder to locate then Marvel. I do not have too much faith in the longevity of this book, I think it will retain some value after the movie but it is certainly seeing the high points of its market now.

Legends #3

1st Appearance of the Modern Suicide Squad. This is a book that like others on this list, are experiencing or have already enjoyed the high point in the market. Too many folks jumped on this, too many were flipped. I would suspect most who want a copy have one, with speculators holding a large number of these for the release.

Detective Comics #474

Detective Comics #474

1st Appearance of Deadshot. While most can not afford (or even find) a copy of Batman #59, most can afford this reintroduction of Deadshot into the modern Batman mythos. A great Bronze Age issue that certainly could maintain value after the SS movie based on popularity of the character alone.

Suicide Squad #1 (2011 Series)

1st New Suicide Squad. This book had already started to gain a lot of heat before the movie was ever announced. An incredible Harley cover and a modern day key, this is a book that could continue to rise based on the success of the film.

Suicide Squad (2011) #1

Flash #117

1st Appearance of Captain Boomerang. Tough Silver Age DC book to find, but that said, it is extremely inflated. If you can find a copy make sure to grab and sell it before the movie.

Suicide Squad (2001 series) #10-12

1st Antiphon. Sell while folks are still buying. These books have a very very short shelf life.


Suicide Squad #48

Classic Joker cover. With so much Joker material, I like this issue simply because of the cover. Says SS and shows classic Joker… Sure to hold value with its ties to SS as well as The Killing Joke (Issue 49 as well)

Batman # 680, 682 Variants

Classic Joker Variant covers in more of the “Modern Style” the SS movie seems to be going for.


The Brave & The  Bold #25

The best showing book on the list or related to SS movie. Before the movie announcement this was a rare but not terribly expensive comic. Post movie announcement examples in every grade went through the roof. Prices have settled a bit but I am pretty sure that this book is safe for the long term. I believe it will spike again around movie time and settle back down, but could prove a safe investment.

El Diablo #1

1st Appearance of Chato Santana. Once a cool mini series to read, now a pretty solid $15-20 #1. Easily found in dollar bins, still a little time to flip away.


Brave and the Bold #200

1st appearance of Katana. I personally like this book in 9.6/9.8. Copies are affordable, is also 1st Outsiders and keeps going up and down. Originally spiked with the Arrow appearance then settled, then went back up again with the SS movie. A good book to grab on the downswing if you can. I can see DC using Katana in the future.

Keep in mind that post movie depression usually sends a lot of these books to mass auctions, absolutely flooding the market for a few weeks. If you believe in a sequel, that would be a great time to watch auctions and other listings in an attempt to stock up.


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