Frank Cho does Cammy (after Manara)

There's an announcement and a special offer at the end of this article, but before we get there, it's time for a quick history lesson …


You might remember that Milo Manara used to do covers for Marvel until the one for Spider-Woman #1 got to the public eye. For those of you who don't remember, it was this one:

SPIDERWOMAN001Manara-a3461-ad504Some people got offended because they weren't expecting an artist primarily known for his erotic art (guess we can call it porn) to draw an over-sexualized woman. Marvel caught a lot of flack for this and they pretended to respect Manara's vision by publishing it with some strategic logo placement:


Don't let them fool you, though, they didn't expect that kind of response (Manara had done a few covers before this one and no one had protested.) They apparently axed another 2 covers that Manara was supposed to be working on.

Then Frank Cho got in the mix by posting this drawing of a sketch cover:

Spider-GwenAnd that's when a lot more people got involved and the volume of the conversation quickly was raised with people on both sides talking about freedom of speech, censorship, respect for women and everything around those really sensitive topics people in the Internet rarely have civil conversations about.

Life goes on, though, and Cho has made a few more sketch covers like this as a running joke. Here's some of them:

Needless to say, these covers are probably way out of your budget, which brings us to the good news (if you like this as a joke or interesting as a piece of minor history or simply love Frank Cho's art because why wouldn't you) …


Fortunately for you, this week, we get the first official Manara via Cho cover published in an actual comic: STREET FIGHTER LEGENDS CAMMY #1 1:10 (color) and 1:20 (B&W) variants!!!

STL009421 STL009422

Cammy #1 writer Jim Zub expressed his disappointment over UDON's choice for the variant cover as soon as he saw it, so you can see that this cover is still an open wound in the world of comics. The real question here is will this be the only one of its kind or does this open the gates of Manara tributes from smaller companies?

Considering Street Fighter Unlimited #1 sold 25K copies and this got a lot of publicity as soon as the cover was announced we are probably looking to at least 30K copies of this that will be printed, which means around 3K of the color version and 1.5K of the B&W version. Of course, these might not be easy to come across … Wait, what? An announcement?


We're glad to announce that our good friends at JJ's Comics and Art are going to be selling their own Cammy #1 variant. Here you have it:


Limited to 1,000 copies, this cover features the same art as the 1:10/1:20 variant with Cammy's white suit … and it's a virgin cover!!!

Even though the official price is $24.99, not only is JJ getting it announced right here right now, he's keeping it exclusive for us for the first 48 hours. 48 hours that will get you a 20% discount on the comic, so $19.99 instead of $24.99 … You can get it here starting tonight at midnight CST now!!! No limits, no headaches, no print run changes … You get as many as you want for $19.99 and when they are gone, they are gone.

But if you thought that was all, you don't know us well enough. That's right, contest time strikes again: two of the comments in this article over the next 48 hours will get a free copy directly from JJ. They will be chosen randomly and announced on Saturday. Who loves you, baby? JJ does, we're only riding his coattails!!!


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