A One Week Later Special ……. Beware of the Wolf!

oneyearlaterHello, and welcome to a special edition of One Week Later…..Yes, and a One Year Later.

Sadly, my writing skills are NO match for all the venom spewed on Facebook/Twitter/forums after Aspen Comics announced a big FAT print increase on their upcoming variant sales!!!!! Just last week I said Michael Turner, rest his soul, was amazing, but a company that is barely getting by (Aspen, with less than 1% sales market) will publish every single piece of Turner art they have for variants for upcoming DC Rebirth titles. It does make a certain amount of sense, as Aspen was Turner's baby and he would have done whatever it took to save it.

For all speculators out there regarding store variants: you are blinded by the big $$$ signs after the runaway success of the original Michael Turner Batman cover. Aspen is putting these out to make money for themselves and not pay for your lunch, so it's only natural they would increase the print run. At least they are being clear about it. As written here last week and emphasized by most senior collectors, the Store MAKES ALL THE MONEY on store variants, the buyer is left holding the bag. This applies to all store variants. Who do you think a Pink Harley Quinn Variant cover for $40 makes money for: the store or the buyer who wants to resell it?

Wolf #1

Going back to our regular schedule, this week we look at Image Comics' Wolf #1. This book looks GREAT and has best-selling new star writer ALES KOT teaming up with white-hot artist MATT TAYLOR. Nice thick book, amazing eye appeal, should be a no-brainer slam dunk of a pick. A year ago, the book was reviewed by fellow members as a great read, great art and suggested as a book to be worth looking out for. The book sold out and seemed to be heading to a higher price (remember this book had a $4.99 pricetag). Sadly, a year later, looking on the Bay, most prices are $1-2 dollars. This book now resides in the dollar bin. OUCH! Sure, there could be some major developments with the book, but inviting hot new artists to do a splash page in recent issues is not going to get this out of the dollar bin.



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    such a shame there is little love on this comic , image are knocking out some great comics that deserve to be read, this comic is also fairly low printed with the average month run bwt 4-7k..

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    I remember picking this up after the rave reviews and someone pumping it up as the next Saga. The first issue was okay.. I guess. I know the series has its fans, but wasn’t for me.

    @Drew L. Pleaaaase do the Black Mask LCSD box when it comes up!

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