Japanese Batman, Terraria, Viv Vision, Mattina & More

Batman Inc. 1,1b,1c

So there’s a Chinese Superman who may or may not have appeared in Batman Superman 32. The cool thing about New Super-Man is the appearance of the Chinese Batman! But he is not the first asian Batman!

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Terraria ( Action Figure Comic 2 Pack )

Popular video game properties are often scooped up by ravenous fans. DC released the first appearance of Terraria in this toy pack. 9.8s are gonna be tough.


Marvel Previews 2 ( 2015 )

Anyone out there looking for the first published image of Viv Vision. The cover to issue 1 is previewed right here.

Marvel Previews 2

Eric Powell Coloring Book

This one doesn’t ship until August but with all the love Hillbilly and SSB2 are getting it might be worth a preorder.

Eric Powell Coloring Book

Nova 18

A recent CBSI article about the incredible art of Francesco Mattina actually introduced me to the man in great detail. For those who collect the first published pro work of popular artists, here is his.

Nova #18

Samurai Jack

A new season means renewed interested in this fan favorite from Cartoon Network. He first appeared in this DC comic of which there are two versions.

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Marvel Avengers 15

First P.O.D.

The new US Avengers line up got some love from speculators for all of two minutes and then Riri Williams took over Ebay. I like the idea of a relatively unknown, armor suited hero joining a new Marvel team.

Avengers #15


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