Classic Cover of the Week 7/18/2016


New Week, New Covers!!

 Roly Poly Comics #14



A lesser known decapitation/severed head cover(could be the 1st) from a title not known for horror or its covers(though issue 12 has a pretty nice cover).  Thanks to Jon Z over on the CBSI G+ pages for hipping me to this beauty.  Made a brief attempt to secure a copy when I realized this might not be that well known, but the folks that are in the know, are willing to pay up.

A little surprised to see 10 copies on the CGC Census, all universal, a 9.4 at top, 2 3.5s at the bottom and an average grade of 6.29.

SHELF DATE of May 1946


Amazing subject matter on the cover, far ahead of its time.  Hitting shelves about a year before Captain America #1 the cover is done entirely  by Joe Simon, and appeals to a lot of different collectors.  Sort of reminds me of some of the later run Planet covers but with a clear Simon style.  This comic only exists in the collections of private fans and investors and rarely seems to come to market.

2 6.0s, 2 2.0s and a handful in between have the 10 Universal copies averaging out to 4.05.

SHELF DATE of May 1940

As always, thanks for looking, folks!


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