Marvel Lego Variants (part 2)

Some of these were really tough but very enjoyable to track down. Call me a loser but I like figuring out which covers are being paid tribute to. My wife calls me one all the time it doesn’t bother me … go ahead.

Avengers 21 Thor #272Thor 272
The original has been on speculators radar since it deals with Ragnarok which will be the subject of the new movie.
Iron Man #17 Lego VariantIron Man 17 Iron Man #100Iron Man 100
The purple Lego blocks are what does it for me on this cover. Very funny stuff.
286692_20150202020213_largeFantastic Four 13 Marvel Super Heroes Presents 20Marvel Super Heroes Presents 20
A perfect example of a cover I never thought I’d find. Google is an amazing tool.
286687_20131016210123_largeGuardians of the Galaxy 7 Iron Man #80Iron Man 80
Another one I thought I had seen before but couldn’t find it right away. The red bars on the bottom of all the newer Marvel books is terrible in my opinion.
285872_20131009105518_largeAvengers A.I. 4 Iron Man #170Iron Man 170
Lots of Iron Man covers being swiped in this series. I love the different Lego Iron Suits in the background of the Avengers cover.
All-new X-Men #17 Lego VariantAll-New X-Men 17 X-Men #1X-Men 1
How could anyone forget X-Men 1? Such a low print run on that book…
New Avengers #11 Lego VariantNew Avengers 11 Iron Man #150Iron Man 150
When I first saw the New Avengers cover I immediately thought of the fight between The Thing and Hulk. Maybe Iron Man 150 was an homage to the FF cover first.
Hawkeye #15 Lego VariantHawkeye 15 Hawkeye #2Hawkeye 2
I have heard this series is a very good read. Again, that red stripe on the bottom is an eye sore. Look how nice the original looks without it.

Should have a few more next week to round out this series and then on to the next theme! Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting!

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