Venom #19 1:25 Amazing Spider-Man in Motion Variant – August 2012

venom-19-asm-amazing-spider-man-in-motion-retail-variant-1-25-2012-marvel-comic-book-13168-pHappy Friday folks! Welcome back, and thanks for once again checking out Covers from the Unknown! Ok, truth be told, Venom is one of my all-time favorite characters, so I am always looking for awesome covers from his series, or other series with him involved! So if every couple of weeks, I am throwing a Venom cover in this article, I apologize! Anyways, here is another one! This week, I present Venom #19, from the 2011 series. This is the 1:25 Amazing Spider-Man in motion variant, featuring a throwback to the Civil War Spider-Man, with Cap and Iron Man. This cover is by Chen and Perkins. It's a little odd that Venom isn't on the cover, but with the rarity of this comic, it completely makes up for it.

Now on to the portion where I tell you to go and buy this comic! With a total run of approximately just under 30k for the comic, we are looking at about 1,200 of these out there. That is a decent number, but trust me when I tell you, these are becoming a ghost. I combed online shops all this week, and have only found 3 of these on approximately 8 shops. If you find one, pick it up! Eventually people are going to see the rarity of a lot of these Spider-Man in motion variants, and I believe the prices will reflect that. Happy Hunting Fellas!

For a couple other Spider-Man in motion variants, click here or here for past Covers from the Unknown!


  • Avatar

    with having been out of collecting for a long while this article has become one of my favorites. It brings up stuff that I would certainly miss out on. great article and that’s a great cover.

  • accustomfigures

    Nice write up! What are the 8 online shops you usually use? My LCS is blowing lately and I’m trying to fill some gaps. Thanks!

  • Khoi Cakes

    These variants are nice. Sorry, but what is the “In Motion” part of these variants? Just showing Spidey in an action pose or are these lenticular?

  • Ares

    Just showing Spidy “In Motion” Khoi.

    I Have been tracking these “In Motion” down but I haven’t found this one yet. It’s hard finding any variants for the Venom series.

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