Harley Quinn Rarities: The Sequel

Harley Quinn and Deadpool are in a unique position. As the two most popular modern characters in comics they have benefited greatly from the internet. Fans don't just want their first appearances they want everything and acquiring these items is only a click away. If you are a rabid fan of Harley Quinn here are few items you shouldn’t forget.

Harley Quinn Ornament

Warner Brother’s 1999 ornament is not easy to find. If you are truly an obsessed fan you need this on your next tree.s-l1600 (7)

Harley Quinn Plate ( Warner Bros 1997 limited to 2500 )

In her early days Harley Quinn was not as popular as she is now but you wouldn’t know it looking at Warner’s merchandising department. I can’t believe I am recommending anyone collect a plate. Collecting decorative plates is about as wise as collecting Hummels or Beanie Babies. In this case I think an exception is warranted.

s-l1600 (9)

Harley Quinn underwear 3 Pack

OK I am man enough to admit I went looking for this and I came up empty handed. Hot Topic had them and so did Walmart. Now they are a tough find.


Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

This appearance is just one of those nearly impossible comics to find in the wild. With Harley on the cover it is a must own for any fan.


Thrillkiller 62

This Elseworld tale is actually a great read! Any variation of Harley is appreciated by collectors. Grab this one if you can find it and do not forget the German edition.


Batman and Robin Adventures 1

Here's a sneaky cover appearance of HQ. Look close!


Note: There is a UK annual from 1997 which re-uses this cover.

$_57 (2)

Batman and Robin Something to do Activity Set

This odd little play set is typical of Batman merchandise to kids. This one is of particular interest because it comes with a sticker set including Harley Quinn!


Comic Book Artist 3

Darwyn Cooke cover art for this Top Shelf publication is something to behold. How many Harley/ Doop cover are there? Great stuff from a man who is sorely missed.



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