Secret Wars #4 Mike Choi Midtown Exclusive

oneyearlaterWelcome to another One Year Later, and yes, this article needs to be looked at very carefully before a lot of you “Drink the Kool Aid!”. One year ago this week, Secret Wars #4 Mike Choi Midtown Exclusive Variant Cover was released. An exclusive store variant, has Wolverine on the cover THREE TIMES and X-23 in the middle. An absolute no brainer right???? A+ character in Wolverine times 3, and super hot new comer X-23 in the middle. Secret Wars was a popular series, an OK artist with some X-23 history and the price was $10 PLUS SHIPPING (or you could pick up if you live near a Midtown store) so money in the bank right?????

Secret Wars #4 Mike Choi Midtown Variant

These days there are all sorts of STORE VARIANTS being released!!! The fine folks at Aspen are looking for every single piece of artwork Michael Turner ever did and slapping them on a new exclusive. YES, Turner was a GOD, he was amazing, bless his soul! All other store retailers see is CASH, lots of it $$$$$ Tons of store variants are being released right now and all over the Summer, and some of them are HORRIBLE. But, you can get their exclusive for $10 dollars or MORE (and most are more) plus shipping.

Let me save you the time and effort, 52 weeks from now 95% of these store variants will be at the same price you paid for them (if you are lucky) or LOWER. The first batch of DC Rebirths were lightning in the bottle with small prints runs and great art but the latest few seem to have increased the print runs to around 5K-6K+. Gee, let me pay $25 for that……NOT.

Anyway, let's get back to Secret Wars #4 Choi variant. At the moment, with a Midtown sale going on, it is $7.99 and the book is ICE COLD. Lots of NO sales at 7.99 on the Bay. Maybe put your Kool Aid on this book to chill it out. Be careful when you buy store variants, 95% of the time they go DOWN or if lucky, you will break even …


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