Marvel Lego Variant Swipes

A few weeks back I did an article on some swipes Marvel did using Marvel Legends series toys by Hasbro. Marvel also used Lego mini-figures to swipe some covers a few years ago. I was worried that if I wrote this article I would start to try and collect these, so I’m blaming all my loyal readers but mostly you Khoi Cakes!

284002_20150125013550_largeDaredevil 31 Amazing Spider-Man #546

Amazing Spider-Man 546

The Spidey cover was also swiped by a Marvel Apes variant. If you read my articles you would know that…READ MY ARTICLES!
285851_20131009095116_largeCaptain America 12 Captain America #109

Captain America 109

I have yet to secure a copy of Captain America 109. That’s what makes cover swipes so great…I can probably get a copy of the Lego swipe for much cheaper!
283874_20130918131630_largeInfinity 3 Incredible_Hulk_Vol_1_340Incredible Hulk 340
I’ll never understand how these superheroes initially beat the crap out of each other only to join forces later on to beat the real bad guys. I guess based on Old Man Logan Wolverine and Hulk never do settle their differences…sad.
284884_20140520040818_largeNova 8 90328_20070411164828_largeNova 1
A nice Lego-ized version of the famous Adi Granov’s work.
284854_20140520231753_largeUncanny Avengers 12 Uncanny X-Men #268

Uncanny X-Men 268

This one might be my favorite. It could just be because I love how Lego represents the Marvel characters and on this cover you get 3 for the price of 1.
284774_20130925200334_largeWolverine and the X-Men 36 7445_20051115204547_largeAstonishing X-Men 3
The yellow on both of these covers works even with Wolverine’s uniform.
283115_20130911102505_largeX-Men 5 Wolverine_Vol_1_1Wolverine 1
Those little lines around Wolvie’s left hand signify movement. I got that info from some insiders in the art industry 😉
287252_20131023164920_largeIndestructible Hulk 14 Hulk Annual #1

Incredible Hulk Annual 1

Still one of the best covers of all time in my opinion. The original not the Lego that is.

The best part about these Lego covers is there are more of them that I will highlight next week! Yippee!!!


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