1 Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #7 (2016) Marvel Comics

1507886_xl WRITER: Brian Bendis
ARTIST: Mike Deodato Jr
RiRi Williams and the announcement that she will later in the year become Iron Man's (Woman) replacement caused this book to skyrocket the past 48 hours. There is some debate about this being her 1st full appearance, but the creator Brian Bendis on Twitter this week stated firmly that #7 is her 1st appearance. This story went national and caused this already speculated on book to get even hotter. The 2nd print and Women of Power variant are doing just as well as the 1st print right now, and could arguably be in the Top 10 on their own.

2Invincible Iron Man Vol. 2 #9 (2016) Marvel Comics

1523122_xl WRITER: Brian Bendis
ARTIST: Mike Deodato Jr
Some say this is the 1st full appearance of RiRi, and it's for sure her 1st appearance in armor. The age-old debate on what is a true 1st appearance has caused this book to become ridiculously priced the past few days. You could buy this on the racks Tuesday still and now is selling for 5x cover price after the news hit.

3 Red Hood: Last Days #1 Mattina Variant (2010) DC Comics

WRITER: Judd Winick
ARTIST: Pablo Raimondi
A raw copy sold for $534 earlier in the week and made this book the topic of conversation amongst CBSI members and other forums alike. The last two raw copies on eBay have now sold for over $400. This variant is hard to find, and people are beginning to appreciate Mattina in the same way they did Dell'Otto earlier in the year. Wouldn't be surprised if this book continues to climb higher and higher.


4 Vision Vol.3 #1 Sook Variant (2015) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Gabriel Walta
This is the 1st appearance of Viv Vision, a character who will be in the upcoming Champions title. Viv is the daughter of Vision and is a very complex character and one that should make for some interesting reads down the road. Once news hit about Viv being in Champions, this book (after a mention by CBSI) went from $10 to a $100 on eBay in 48 hours. The regular print has Viv on the cover and is doing well in the aftermarket too.

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Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #23 Hughes Variant ( 2006) DC Comics

WRITER: Mark Waid
ARTIST: Barry Kitson
My personal favorite book makes a deserved return to the Top 10 this week thanks to a record breaking sale. A CGC 9.8 copy sold for $717 earlier in the week shattering the previous record by over $50. Raw copies in NM are routinely selling for $350 and higher. This book is iconic and with more and more new speculators/collectors entering the hobby, its legendary status will only get further cemented.


6 Amazing Spider-Man #15 ‘Iron Jane' J. Scott Campbell Store Variants (2016) Marvel

WRITER: Dan Slut
ARTIST: Giuseppe Camuncoli
People love JSC and love his variants even more. This JSC website exclusive went bananas. The color is selling for around $75 and the sketch for around $200. JSC fans aren't afraid to spend money. Wouldn't surprise me at all if these two books go up further in the upcoming weeks. Will be interesting to see when the 9.8's start trickling in.


7 Harley Quinn Rebirth #1 Variants (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Various
This is the 1st time I have ever done this on the Top 10, but believe it's warranted. All Harley variants are going crazy right now. They are weeks from release and have been one of the biggest topics in the industry. ArtGerm, Dell'Otto, Witter, Jae Lee,  Luppachino, and many other industry heavy hitters have store exclusives on the way. Most come in a color version and the expected rarer sketch. Legacy Comics even went a step further and added a sketch-outline cover for its ArtGerm variant (in addition to the color and copic sketch variants). The  Lau and Bulletproof Color look to be the leaders in the clubhouse so far.


Outcast #1 (2014) Image Comics

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Paul Azaceta
People love the TV show so far, and this heavily printed book continues to sell. Daily multiple copies are sold on eBay. Prices aren't going up at the moment but are staying steady. Raw copies get around $25 near mint, and 9.8 graded copies sell for around a $100. The super rare blue sketch is the one to watch for though. It is by far the rarest, and people are starting to notice.


9 Hillbilly #1 (2016) Albatross Funnybooks

WRITER: Eric Powell
ARTIST: Eric Powell
The surprise entry of the week is Hillbilly #1 by Eric Powell. Fans of Powell and his previous work Goon paid attention to this small press publication and bought all copies available this past week. It was a slow burn, but since last Wednesday when it was released, the public finally caught on. Good spec potential on this book.


10 Vision Vol.3 #4 Cho Variant (2015) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: Gabriel Walta
The surprise hit of 2016 along with Superman American Alien has to be Marvel's Vision. The book has seen a lot of movement the past few weeks thanks to rumors of rarity and 1st appearances of potential influential characters down the road. The regular version of #5 saw sales of up to $40 last week on the idea of its rarity, followed this week by the Cho variant which as of today had a few sales over $75. Don't think this book will have any legs, but I could be wrong.


Batman Vol.3 #1 Kirkham Hastings Sketch Variant (2016) DC Comics

WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: David Finch
Who would have thought that the bankrupt Hastings Batman Rebirth variant would have been this hot? Behind the Aspen variants, this is by far the 2nd most popular variant amongst collectors. The sketch is selling for above $50 regularly.


X-23  #1 Women of Marvel Variant (2010) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST: Will Conrad
People love X23 right now, and are looking for anything with her image on a cover to speculate on. This book is no different and is currently selling for over $40 consistently.

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