Daredevil #100 Michael Turner Variant – October 2007

ddturnerGood Friday to you all! Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

This week I go to old reliable, and the hottest artist, who unfortunately was taken from us way too soon. With the way Turner and Aspen variants are taking off, I would start looking for any and all Turner variants out there. With that said, I present to you Daredevil #100, the Michael Turner 1:15 variant. This came out in October 2007. For all you DD fans out there, this is the only Turner variant of him out there. Its a great cover, with some amazing details!

The regular print has run of 46k. So, there are about 1800 of these out there. In all reality, and IMHO that is not a lot of comics for the ever-growing Turner fan base. There are a few on the bay, all under or around the $10 mark. Amazon also has about 6 left. You may want to grab these quick, as I believe once our fans see these, they will be gone quick. Good luck my friends! Happy Hunting Fellas!


  • JokerKillz

    Love this cover, bought one many years ago.

  • kakkerlakk

    I just love the pose of DD and the colouring of this cover, one of my favourites.

  • Avatar

    Love the POV and the detail! This one will jump for sure.

  • Avatar

    I met Mike on a few occasions. The first time was at Samurai Comics in Phoenix, AZ. Huge line for the Soulfire #0 launch and yet everybody had to wait cuz he wanted to give everyone in line some time. The last time I met with him was at the very last Wizard World LA con. He was heavy into his chemo at the time but you wouldn’t know it by the amount of time he spent at the Aspen booth and the huge number of sketches he was churning out. He was a class act and I for one miss him.

  • Keith S.

    Great cover, I love it!

  • Avatar

    I got this one not long ago for $1 at Half Price Books!!! I didn’t know what I have in my hands!!!!

  • Avatar

    Michael Turner was one of the nicest creators you could meet. I met him in Baltimore way back. He must have signed hundreds of comics that day, and was upbeat, friendly, and positive with everyone.

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