The Unpressable Defects #9

First app alert as Wade takes Mel's place while he's on holidays … Harley Quinn #1 store variants, Marvel's last few months of comics, reader demographics, the new Champions, 5Below, Diamond variant sales, the Walking Dead, Preacher, the site … and more!

Language warning! Contains strong language …


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  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    Awesome stuff guys. I will add that Diamond sales do happen, I am not sure that they are once a month, they do offer daily deals, and in the last 45 days they did have a marvel variant clearance.

  • Avatar

    Awesome job again, gentlemen!!! Couple of things….first, what is the song from the opening of the podcast? I must have this!! Secondly, do you envision doing these more than once per week? Lastly, Trey, what cons are you attending in the near future? I’d like to try to attend and introduce myself… always, keep up the fantastic work and it’s like we are watching ROCK STARS in the making!!

    • Iñigo

      The song for this episode was a Johnny Cash vs Eazy-E mashup, Folsom Prison Gangstaz by DJ Top Cat. Not difficult to find online at all!

    • Trey

      only con I plan on attending is going to be Baltimore in Sept. We are going to do a live podcast with the group from there as well.

      • Avatar

        That stinks…wasn’t planning on attending that one…live in Terre Haute Indiana.
        I have an idea for an article. Since I’ve only been a member for a few months now, how about a history of the site article? An origin story, if you will…something that let’s us know the who’s, why’s ,what’s and how’s of it all….maybe even a “back of a baseball card with bubblegum statistic” overview of each of the main players?

        You guys have been so welcoming and gracious with your knowledge, intellect, time and energy…you make it feel like we’ve known you for years. I can’t be the only one thinking this…
        In any event, thanks for all that you do as you guys have helped fill a void in my life that’s been present since my father’s passing last March…keep up the awesome job and let us know of any books you guys haven’t been able to find…my eyes are always peeled for your elusive 3rd print Action Comics 686…

        • Khoi Cakes

          Hope that all is well now and glad to hear that you’re getting over this difficult time in your life. Thanks for listening and the feedback!

          • Avatar

            Thanks, Khoi. I went to the Indianapolis Con a couple of months ago when I was relatively new to the site and saw your banners and a few people selling books…wish I knew about you guys then as it would have been fun to know who exactly was there and who comments/moderates. Best of luck trying to keep the fellas on topicc each week!!

  • Avatar

    Thank you !!!! Keep up the great work with this site and community.

  • Avatar

    Great job, guys! Entertaining as always even on a slow week.

  • Topher

    I’m always at home Thurs morning watching my kids. They usually want to go to the pool but there’s no chance until I get to listen to this.

    Also thanks for the nod. It’s appreciated.

  • Tim Sack

    Great stuff guys, congrats on one of your grail books Trey. Agree on walking dead show doing something totally different then the comics after all out war good call Wade.

  • gumba213

    Good show guys, been listening since issue number 2. Only suggestion would be to maybe talk more about back issues from the bronze age and older. You guys focus a lot on modern variants which for old guys like me who aren’t into it sorta thing boring. Other than that I love the show. Keep up the great work.

  • Avatar

    Loved it guys awesome funny and informative. Keep on preaching the comic book gospel. Amen.

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