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There has been a huge resurgence in Marvel speculation the past few weeks thanks to movie rumors and a few new series being announced for the Fall. One of the series is called Champions, and it follows a team of young heroes who have left the Avengers to branch out on their own. The team consists of Miles Morales, Viv Vision, Amadeus Cho, Scott Summers (Young Cyclops), Kamala Khan, and Sam Alexander (Nova). The list above contains two of the most speculated on characters in comics right now in Kamala and Miles. Amadeus had a good run last year when news about him becoming the new Hulk surfaced, but nowhere near the burn Kamala and Miles had.  Marvel is making a huge effort to push this newer/younger generation of characters who are diverse in race and religion. The formula hasn't exactly paid off for Marvel yet in some of its older characters and titles, but this might actually work.

Speculation-wise, I believe there are a few books that people potentially need to pay attention to. Kamala and Miles have been speculated on for years now and there isn't anything new on that front to help collectors out. Captain Marvel #17 2nd Print and Ultimate Fallout #4 are top tier books and still sell extremely well raw or graded.  Amadeus Cho and Amazing Fantasy Vol. 2 #15 spiked last year but hasn't picked up any steam lately, and the book has actually fallen in price. I still have faith in this book and the character, but the payoff will be years down the road.

The two characters I feel have the most room for growth right now are Sam Alexander and Viv Vision. Sam Alexander is the newest Nova and has been around since 2012. He has been in almost every big Marvel event since that time, yet hasn't taken off and I feel it's just a matter of time. His first appearance is Marvel Point One (Nov 2011). There is the regular cover and two variants by Nick Bradshaw. The sketch Bradshaw variant is the book that I feel has the most potential for growth in the next few years. It's a 1:100 ratio variant. Based on numbers, there were 113,352 copies of this book printed. Using these stats, we can gauge that there are around 1,113 copies of this variant in existence. I will say I highly doubt that 1,113 stores ordered 100 copies of this book, but we all know about that secret warehouse where all the rare variants are hidden at and are just waiting to be released to Diamond : )

Point_One_Vol_1_1 PointOneVariant02 PointOneVariant04

2016-07-06 12_47_49-Comic Book Sales Figures for November 2011

This book is pretty rare by anyone's standards and is still relatively cheap. You can find it right now on multiple websites from $65 to $100. There are also only two copies in the census right now. The 1:50 Bradshaw color variant is another book that you can buy around $10 still and could see a rise in value as well. With a potential print run of 2,267, it's not a common book either, but also far from rare. Lots of these were found in the 5Below Marvel dumpster fire from last year.

This doesn't mean anything; to be honest, there could be a bunch of people with this book who haven't been able to justify the cost of getting it graded for what it's currently worth. Marvel obviously has big plans for Sam. If the character ever catches on, this book has a chance to be one of the top-tier variants down the line. Super rare by most standards for a Marvel book with speculation potential. Sam might not ever catch on though so there is risk.


The other book I feel needs to be watched is Vision #1, the 1st appearance of Viv Vision. Viv is the creation of her father Vision and was created from brainwaves from Vision and his wife Virginia (who is based on brainwaves from Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch). She has the same powers as Vision and has a solar gem in her forehead for solar radiation absorption. This is also the 1st appearance of her mother Virginia, and twin brother Vin. Wouldn't surprise me at all to see the other characters from this series in other books or storylines down the road as well.

This was an interesting choice adding her to the Champions, but one that could be very fun to read. We don't know much about her yet, and what motivates or drives her. Her 1st appearance is Vision Vol. 3 #1 where she appears on the cover of the regular cover with the rest of the family. Some collectors and speculators put a lot of weight on 1st cover appearances and this is it. There is a Hip-Hop variant otherwise known as the Wiz Khalifa variant, a Martin 1:20 variant and a Sook variant which was a 1:25.

Vision_Vol_3_1 (1) Vision_Vol_3_1_Hip-Hop_Variant
Vision_Vol_3_1_Sook_Variant Vision_Vol_3_1_Martin_Variant

Based on numbers, there were almost 42,119 copies of this book printed. If the numbers are correct, the Martin variant has a print run of about 2,106 copies, and the slightly rarer Sook variant has a print run of 1,685 copies. Vision books have been on fire the past few weeks for whatever reason, and if Viv takes off, the Sook variant will be the book to own if past history tells us anything. They have dried up quickly since the news came out yesterday, and should do nothing but go up until Champions #1 is released. Full disclosure: I bought a couple of the Sook variants.

2016-07-06 12_02_29-Comic Book Sales Figures for November 2015

All-New X-men #1 (2012) is an interesting book as well. It's the 1st appearance of the original X-men who were taken from the past and brought into the future by Beast. This is technically the 1st appearance of the new Scott Summers you see today and will see in Champions. This is strange territory to speculate on because Scott Summers' first appearance is in X-Men #1 (1963). These kids are different characters though and will evolve differently than the original X-Men. I don't know how collectors will view this, but it might be worth picking some of these up and holding on to them. There are a couple of Quesada variants, a color and a sketch that are relatively easy to find and not expensive yet. If the market decides these new X-men are different characters you might be in a for a nice return.



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    Is the 1:50 the Bradshaw or the quesada? – Chris S

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    Trey there also a copy of Vision 1 in Spiderman Deadpool #1 but only the first prints it seems ..

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    Great spec Trey. I actually love the Del Rey cover… its going to be a tough book with that all black cover… might be the hidden gem in the bunch…. it has grown on me for sure to be honest!

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    Excellent spec! I was lucky enough to have been in on vision from the start. It is such a good read. Those sketches went fast on the bay for marvel point one!

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    I’m surprised there’s no mention of the new Invincible Iron Man series that was announced yesterday! I literally had Invincible Iron Man #7 in my hands last week, but I wasn’t happy with the condition of any of the four copies my LCS had. Hey, if it’s for spec, it’s pretty much gotta be in excellent shape, right? But since Marvel prints on tissue paper anymore, print run quality is just horrific. And then yesterday they do the big announcement, and my LCS has all four issues up on the shelf at $20/$50! Oops, missed out! So I ran and picked up one of the remaining #9’s, all excited, as this is Riri William’s true first appearance (#7 is only a cameo.) Get it home after making sure to find the best copy, and argh, the book has these two pinch marks going through the entire back half of the book! I swear, comics were not printed so poorly back in the 80’s, when I began collecting! Not sure what that will do to the value of my particular copy…

    I’m curious to see how the whole Riri William’s first appearance (she’ll be the new Iron “Man”) pans out. Most of the time (Hellblazer, Taskmaster, X-23, Venom, etc.) first appearances end up being worth more than cameos. But there are rare exceptions (Alpha from Walking Dead, etc.) But she’s full on, in costume on the cover of #9, the word “Introducing!” is on the cover, along with a full appearance inside, and in costume in action. So we shall see!

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    is the Bradshaw color definitely a 1:50?

  • brakfan

    As a relative newcomer to this site as well as, and I apologize in advance if this comes of as a stupid question, but how do the total unit sales that site reports equate to an actual print run? Does it just allow for an educated estimate as to what the actual print numbers are for individual issues? Does that in turn give an idea of the print numbers of 1:10, 1:50, etc., variants? I’m curious because real ideas of actual print numbers could really affect at least my own personal purchases or decisions to invest/flip a book. Interest in a book is a definite factor, but my personal motto for purchasing any collectible for investment purposes is “rare is rare is rare”. If its rare now, it’ll be rare 10 years from now. By the way, this is the first time commenting on an article and I can’t wait for every new podcast. Extremely informative and helpful. Keep up the great work!

    • merlin

      Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong! The comichron numbers reflect how many were ordered by retailers before printing. Incentive (ratio) variants are included per individual retailers orders, so if one orders less than 100 books, (for example) they will have the same number of 1:20 and 1:25 variants, unless they ordered between 20-25,40-45 etc… The number only being relevant because 100 would be the minimum number of copies a retailer would have to order to get the maximum number of 1:20 and 1:25 ratio variants per regular covers. This is possibly irrelevant due to the potentially enormous quantities of books ordered by huge retailers such as mid town. Obviously 100 goes into 30k 300 times, and there are more than likely many orders of 100 to 1000+ by certain retailers for certain books, so the difference (300 books) is likely close. Especially considering there are shops who pay no attention to incentive variants and might have 9 subs and order 15 for the rack and miss out on the “next level variant” by a single unit.

      • merlin

        I should add, it’s possible that Diamond is overprinting everything by at least a margin, if nothing else likely to account for damages… Unless a print run is explicitly stated any number of any comics could legally exist, but wouldn’t be made available to retailers except by the quantitative terms of the “incentive”

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