Ashley Witter is bright as a star in the light

Femmes Fatales of the Fantastic Varietyscorch_originalThis week I’m going to tell you about a woman who is beginning to gain some momentum in the comic book world. She’s been an artist for a while, but with the power of this article, I hope to propel her into a world of full recognition, awe, and above all, awesomeness!


Ashley Marie Witter is the art genius behind Squarriors, written by Ash Kackzo, and she’s brought an insanely amazing take on a world in which squirrels are, well, warriors. Obvi. If you can make a squirrel into a badass, you’re alright with me. But that’s far from all she’s done.

suicide_squad__harley_quinn_by_witta-d9enqo2This lovely lady has been illustrating comics professionally since 2011, though she graduated with a degree for Animation and Conceptual Development from MATC. At first, she was more geared toward video game design, and specialized in storyboarding and concept art. But everything seemed to point her in the direction of comic books, which I think we can all rejoice about. Still, a video game in Ashley’s style…purr. Imagine how fantastic that would be?

claudia_s_story__claudia_by_witta-d69q4ffAshley also adapted and illustrated Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire: Claudia’s Story and Wolf Gift for Yen Press. She also did a series of Assassin’s Creed variant covers and an original story, written by Mark Landry. Devil’s Due published her work, Scorch, which is a collection of her web comics. She started whipping these babies out in 2007, so it’s about time we can all rejoice and hug our copies.

scorch_ks_exclusive_by_witta-d8w5bl3The thing about Ashley’s work is that it is simply gorgeous, but has an edge. She has flowing covers, impeccably interesting composition, and subject matter that just draws you in. I would highly encourage everyone to go to her website and check out her work. There is nothing that this woman cannot draw and make her own. She knows how to hit that chill in your spine with her horror work, and the sepia tones in her sketches are beautiful. My favorite is her “Cheesecake” stuff, because it’s sexy but still sensual. So many artists forget that sensuality is a part of sexuality, and it isn’t all X-rated nonsense. She illustrates very visually appealing women, but does it without the cheap tricks and cutesy shining red noses that some other artists fall back on time after time. Ashley doesn’t rely on amplifying body parts to make something sexy, she relies on her talent and actually putting feeling into the work to achieve a wholesome, stunning image. I cannot express how refreshing it is to see a hot lady being a hot lady because she simply is. We don’t have to point out, “Oh, big booty, big chest, thin waist, that’s why she’s attractive.” That ability to convey a feeling without it having to be so damn obvious and in your face is what makes Ashley so talented.

spider_gwen_wrecking_ball_by_witta-d9uuew4Also, her take on being too damn busy to care about gender stereotypes makes me want to have ice cream with her. When asked about this subject, she said, “I don’t see stereotypes; I see an overwhelming variety of women in comics. I know people want to find stereotypes and categorize things to where they belong…but take a walk down artist alley at any convention and really look.” By the time the idiots have analyzed that she’s a woman, she’s already done with a whole issue. That’s the kind of woman she is.

Ashley Witter is smart, immensely talented, and no doubt has a bright future ahead of her in the industry. I’m happy people are beginning to see this, and I am certain she’s going to keep whipping out amazing things and stunning people when she does it.


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    Love her work. She has been on my radar for a good while. Hoping to met her in Cincinnati in September.

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    first time i’ve seen Scorch and it looks cool. Squarriors is a great read, i’ll have to pick up Scorch now and check it out.

  • Jared Barber

    WELL DONE on the article there KP! Ashley is a fellow animation/concept nerd who I enthusiastically supported when she first turned her attention to Kickstarter. She’s just swell and I LOVE her artwork. She’s gaining steam, but would be thrilled and full of humble appreciation to have the added attention of the CBSI community on the side of enjoying the art she obviously loves to do.

  • Tim Sack

    Excellent article, love her work on Squarriors, will deff check out her site, really want to see the horror pieces she did. Great work Kittie.

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    I know there are a ton of Harley variants already but she did one for AOD collectables that is awesome. Limited to 3000 for color and 1500 for b/w. They are only selling them on ebay and they are pretty cheap.

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    I promised myself I was done with Harley variants, but hard to beat 10 dollars shipped.

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    Thanks, you just cost me $20 in Harley variants =P

  • JMasters12

    Well, her AOD Harley sketch sold out yesterday per an announcement from AOD Collectibles facebook page. So yeah, she’s on her way. I had to grab a color copy which is beautiful, but the coloring does something to it and it’s just not as good to me as her b/w version of Harley.

  • tsouthammavong

    Where is the spider-gwen wrecking ball art from?

  • merlin

    Thanks for the great article and introducing me to such a talented artist! I do have one criticism… The title reads like you’re saying “she’s not too bright”, since stars tend to be invisible in the day time. I think I know what you meant, like when you see Venus around dusk and dawn… It just reminds me a little of my favorite line about a bowling ball. Once again great read and excellent choice. As a straight male, I also like my sexy art with a bit of taste MUCH more than full blown t&a objectification.

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