The Wednesday One


Second issues, multiple printings (given up on including The Fix, but there are some new printings of all of the issues coming out today), a couple of new series and SSBII … Let's get rolling!!!

Batman #2Batman #2

Second issues of Green Arrow, Green Lanterns, Superman, Aquaman and Batman come out today. Still too early to know which ones will be clear winners, but expectations are still high for Tom King to deliver a great story. I read the first Vision trade over the weekend and would bet on Batman.

Justice League #1 Joe Madureira VariantJustice League: Rebirth Joe Madureira Variant

The Justice League is back and this Madureira cover looks amazing. Something I notice is that the 2nd printings of the Rebirth one-shots only come in regular cover flavor. Considering that the variants could be ordered in the amount the retailer wanted, it will be fun to see the numbers and see which ones start heating.

Future Quest #2Future Quest #2

This series seems to be the surprise hit of the Hanna-Barbera-verse (unsurprisingly, as it was the one that looked the best by far), so make sure you don't miss it as the first printing of #1 is going up in price.

Walking Dead #156Walking Dead #156

You probably read about this yesterday. I will only add a piece of information: that article has had more views in a single day than we had ever had for the whole site in the same period. Call it hype, call it passionate fanbase … people seem to care.

Amazing Spider-Man #15Amazing Spider-Man #15

While it's true that this series hasn't been getting amazing reviews, people are excited about MJ in the Iron Spider suit. You powernapped while the JSC store variant sold out, take this as a second chance.

Punisher #3 Becky Cloonan VariantPunisher #3 Becky Cloonan Variant

Another Punisher issue, another great variant, this time by series writer Cloonan. Love that she drew Mr Castle in an environment where he's not seen that often, too.

Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 2nd Printing Hip-Hop Remix VariantCaptain America: Steve Rogers #1 2nd Printing Hip-Hop Remix Variant

Marvel putting out a 2nd printing of a sold out issue is not news. The fact that this 2nd printing has 3 different covers is peculiar, but it has happened in the past. I think this is the first time that a hip-hop variant gets recolored and labeled as a “Hip-hop Remix” variant. If this works out, expect a lot more of these. Hip-hop variant collectors, start getting worried … now!

Satan's Sodomy Baby IISatan's Sodomy Baby II

We live in Eric Powell's world … Hillbilly #1 was great last week. This week it's time for the sequel of Satan's Sodomy Baby … Clearly not a comic for everyone, but it will not get reprinted, so it's now or never. Sets of this and the first issue will do well.

Cirque Americain: Girl Over Paris #1Cirque American: Girl Over Paris #1

I'd be lying if I said I knew much about this, but it's set in the same world as a series of novels by Gwenda Bond, who also wrote a couple of Lois Lane YA novels. In any case, names such as Kate Leth and Ming Doyle guarantee that it's going to be a great comic book.

kimandkim1Kim and Kim #1

After Mark's wonderful article on this book, we had to include it here. Looks great, give it a try!

That's it for this week. What would you buy? There can be only one!


  • tiredguy

    Looking forward to Justice League (I love Joe mad so hope to get one of his covers), and I liked the first issue of superman so I’m picking up issue 2 to see where it goes. This might be the first time ever a supes book makes it into my pull list.

    Picking up the spidey book for the cover alone.

  • Avatar

    Have you stopped doing the day afters? I missed last weeks!

    • Comickaze The Day After..and also missed it! Stopped into one of the bigger LCS today as I wanted to see how Rebirth has been doing. First thing I noticed were a bunch of Flash Rebirth 1’s (the one issue I didn’t get my hands on). They had equal numbers of issues of both alternating covers this week. Grabbed 2 Finch Batman, 2 Mad JL, Ferrayra GA (Both covers awful IMO), Middleton Aquaman, both Green Lanterns, Barrows Detective (this stack was running lowest) and the Tomasi (?) Superman. Also grabbed Future Quest (creatures cover), 2 of the ASM (plenty copies) and a blank Flintstones which I have earmarked for a Kevin Wada Wilma & Betty. ;). Didn’t see the Hip Hop variant remix Cap cover or SSB II…
      The Wednesday One: Don’t Enter Your LCS without it!

  • Avatar

    Amazing Spider-Man #15 was sold out everywhere I went. Already steadily selling on ebay for 10-15 and looks like it was heavily under-ordered because of the later numbering. Could be an amazing spec play if they do MJ as the iron spider and knowing marvel…. they probably will!

  • Avatar

    Great stuff Inigo! Really well written. Loving the Joe Mad and coincidentally enough, the Wizard I’m reading also features a Joe Mad cover with Supes, Batman , & WW 🙂

    I’ve been waiting to see how Negan would take control of the Whisperers and WD 156 got me amped for what’s coming in a big way. Great write up

  • Avatar

    Should add Superman 2…good issue for those who like Superboy.

  • Avatar

    Not Having Superman 2 here or Green Lanterns 2 here makes me question this entire article, If is a Crime that there not on this list, no comic series right now has hottier new characters that Superboy and Jessica Cruz, whatever yall smoking you need to stop it, fo real

  • adcuevas

    That MJ cover us one of the better covers I’ve seen in a long time. Classic cover in the works!

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