Time To Hunt: Walking Dead #156 The Death Of……




Draw your own conclusions on what this means and what kind of bearing it will have on the book's popularity or speculation value. The only thing I will say is this: Negan has surpassed Rick as the most interesting character in the book. Amazing job by Kirkman to have a villain stay relevant for 50+ issues. #RIPAlpha

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    I have to say, perhaps I’m in the minority, but I actually can’t stand Negan. He’s just so over the top. What he says, how he acts, it’s a bit much. I was honestly hoping at some point Alpha and Beta would kill Negan, to show just how “evil” they are, but it looks like that won’t be happening now. I’m just hoping after this next big storyline is over, Negan is DEAD.

    • Trey

      He is one of the villains that even if you don’t like him, he still will draw you in because you want him to lose or die. I totally see your point Nathanaaron.

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    While i understand that Alpha was the leader of the whisperers, i fail to see how her death is of importance in terms of speculation value. Now if the issue turns around and Negan lets loose all the zombies they were holding and it wipes out the towns , that would be a major point.

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    It’s all about the hype of the issue and the attention it gets. How much is issue 144 going for? For about cover and that had how many big deaths in it, at least two. Look at issue 98 that has a major character 1st appearance and a major death and that only about $15 bucks 4 years later while 108 around $30 because 108 was more hyped. As for this issue it also has a dope cover going for it. Now this might hurt the specs for 132 and 138.

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    here is something I am pondering : would the hype over this book push #100 even farther in terms of $$ ?

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      I’d say #100 has a lot of growth not just because of this issue given the fact Negan has only appeared on one episode on TV and is one of the fan favs in the comics.

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    I think the TWD has spec value for every issue in my opinon it is already a sucessful tv show and some of those viewers have started to seek out the comics that otherwise would not have. Thanks for the heads up so if I want this issue I can go grab it because it might be hard to find.

  • Jeremy Colton

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate the Time to hunt articles!!!

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