The No Previews Edition!

This week I assure you there will be no first appearance speculation via a preview! Instead here are some speculative books that shouldn’t be difficult to find. None should set you back more that a few bucks each.

Lone Wolf and Cub 1

First English publication and appearance

Koike Kazuo’s epic tale of revenge is getting an English film remake. Even though the original films and their edited versions ( Shogun Assassin ) are amazing, the studio that is bringing Ghost in the Shell to the big screen is also connected to this. Originally published in the 1970’s the series was a huge success and sold in the millions. First comics published the series for American enjoyment in the late 80’s with covers and introductions by Frank Miller!

Lone Wolf and Cub #1

Splat Harley Quinn Hair Dye Suicide Squad Mini Comic

Here’s a HQ comic no one saw coming. Splat Hair products released a Harley Quinn inspired hair dye and included a mini comic that ties directly to the upcoming Suicide Squad film. So is this the first appearance of the cinematic Harley Quinn? It sure looks like it.

tumblr_o84x7qLZpJ1uwii26o1_540 splat

Drax 8

First adult Planet Terry

Whenever an old character pops up out of the blue in the modern world fans tend to take notice. Well in Drax 8 we were treated to return of a boy I guarantee no one expected to see again. Read this and I dare you not to like Planet Terry for the very first time.

Drax #8

Howard the Duck Vol. 6 #1

First Shocket Raccoon

This one is sort of a throw in but if you are looking for first appearance that you can buy real cheap you could do a lot worse than Rocket Raccoon’s clone, Shocket. Howard the Duck comics continue to impress me with quirky storylines, first appearances and a surprising number of key books which include snippets of Spider-Gwen’s origin and the first solo Gwenpool story.


The Vision 8

First Sparky

The Vision has been getting a lot of love from collectors and speculators as of late. If you are a first appearance junkie like me then I give you Sparky, the Vision family dog!


Web of Spider-Man 114

Dan Slott has been doing things to Spider-Man that some find disturbing. With this summer’s Clone Conspiracy arc he just might alienate every reader that’s left. Now I could talk about the importance of the first Jackal or ASM 149, the first Kaine and others but those books are kinda expensive. If they ever bring back Ben Reilly then some of his key books could do OK. This one stands out for two reasons, 1. It’s gonna cost you less than a buck wherever you find it and 2. It features the return of Ben to comics since his supposed demise all the way back to those early clone issues. He isn’t named and readers had no idea who he was but the build up to the Clone Saga really began here.



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