Colossal Conan Covers!

noloveExperiencing just a little Turner fatigue with all of the talk of the Aspen release,  so I'll delay my Turner Marvel covers post for a few of the old gawds on a familiar title, Conan the Barbarian.

Given my love for most things Jim Lee, I was surprised to find that he did some covers for some non-traditional hero titles in the 80's. Though most are aware of his 1st Marvel work (Alpha Flight #51) and his earlier work on Transformers (#65-67), most don't know that he did 3 covers on Conan (#s 218, 219, & 242).

ConantheBarbarian242 ConantheBarbarian219 ConantheBarbarian218

In my quest to find these, I also discovered that Todd McFarlane did cover work for issue #241 and Whilce Portacio for #243.

30636-2471-34090-1-conan-the-barbarian 30443-2471-33870-1-conan-the-barbarian

Additionally, Art Adams chipped in for covers #247 – 249. Of these 3 issues, #248's depiction of decapitation is the most sought after.

ConantheBarbarian247 conan248 244179-2471-118706-1-conan-the-barbarian

Issues that also get no love include low print run issues #271-274. Considerably more love is harbored for #1, 23 (1st Red Sonia), and 275 (last issue), which is a extremely hard to find in high grade given its black cover.


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