Marvel’s Hip-Hop Variants (part 9)

Part 9 of Marvel’s Hip Hop Homages … Try to say that 5 times fast! Thanks for all the comments and info from the last one … keep it coming!

365180_20160525171753_largeNighthawk 1 Big-Sean-Dark-Sky-Paradise-TracklistBig Sean: Dark Sky Paradise
I haven’t had a chance to read Nighthawk yet. I’m not even really sure who he is. Same goes for Big Sean.
346660_20151016182442_largeSpider-Man 2099 1 75b90398Kanye West: Cruel Summer
I really like this homage. I think its actually better looking than the original album cover. The colors on Spidey’s suit really stand out with the white background.
348864_20151125152155_largeVenom: Space Knight 1 425c5bc38cebd28891031fe9e0358799.600x600x1Kool Keith: Black Elvis Lost in Space
Kind of fitting that the Space Knight is paying homage to a black Elvis who is lost in space…love the green on these two.
362368_20160504124344_largePunisher 1 Mama_Said_Knock_You_OutLL Cool J:Momma Said Knock You Out
Such a tremendous song. I dare you to listen to it and not get hyped up. Trey listens to it before every podcast I hear. Khoi Cakes does before he starts waxing his back…love ya Cakes!
349325_20151203022253_largeAll-New X-Men 1 3GdcDupCamp Lo: Uptown Saturday Night
The album cover reminds me of the pictures at the end of “Good Times”

I think that’s the last of them. Uh-oh…what will I write about next week??? Eep!


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