Batman: Rebirth #1 Aspen Turner Variants (2016) DC Comics

BM_Aspen_Turner1-600x919As a reminder for new readers, this article highlights the top #1 book of the Hot 10 on

We will be looking at what has happened to the market in the week following the announcement of the #1 book. Trends, listings, and sales prices will be tracked from the perspective of both raw and the highest CGC graded books (if available).

Due to the popularity of Michael Turner, in June 2016, Aspen released a Turner cover of Batman #1 to coincide with the DC Universe Rebirth event. Starting out of the gate, the Turner variants proved to be very popular and demand far outweighed the limited print run. The first printing sold out quickly and news has just been announced a second printing will be available soon.

Active Listings

As of 6/30/16, there are only 40+ active listings on eBay. Of these active listings, zero are for slabs. Raw values are ranging from the lowest at $60 to the highest at $100 for the color variant and $150 and $200 respectively for the black and white variant. Sets of both are ranging from $150 to $300.

Completed Sales

There have only been 53 completed auctions/BINs in the week up to 6/30/16 with 0 graded sales. Raw sold listings ranged from $55 to $80 for the colored variant and $145 to $180 for the black and white variant. The set variants are going for $170 to $220.

Market Analysis

Since the original offered prices started at $15 and $30 respectively, the Aspen Turner variants have done incredibly well with increases of roughly 300%. And this has been without any graded sales yet. I think this book will rise as sets come back from CGC/CBCS for grading and there is the strong possibility that 9.8 slabs could see some increased value if you hold on to this book for the long term.

Otherwise, this book should be a “sell right away” if you can get it graded quickly and be the first to market. If not, it will be a long term hold after the initial wave of books hit the market. With the limited print run and increased awareness of Michael Turner’s art, this could be a key book for collectors who are jumping into the DCU with the Rebirth event or simply for those diehard Batman collectors.


  • Dirty-Dalek

    Hype train took this image to the moon. Didn’t do anything for me when I first saw it for pre order. Not a fan of the anorexic looking Bats. Meanwhile the Del Otto variant crushes it, has just as low of a print count and still in stock for original asking price. Makes no sense.

  • Avatar

    There have been some CGC sales already from a known quick-to-market and reputable seller. Color sold for $250 and a new one has been listed for the same price. Color and sketch went for $560. Another set was relisted for $700 and ended by the seller.

  • Avatar

    Nostalgia can be a huge force as this cover shows. Getting back into comics in the early 2000’s Jim Lee and Michael Tuners art on DC books is what drew me back in after getting out in the mid 90s. I’m think it’s the same with a lot of others which is why this is doing the numbers it is.

  • Avatar

    I think the second print will cause the value to go down on the colored variant. It could wreak the Aspen market if other variants have second prints. I’ve never heard of a variant going to a second print.

  • Ben Steiniger

    Nice job Deno!

    As with JSC, you either liked Turner or you don’t. I think this one is actually really good and I agree with Deno that this one looks like it will have staying power since it has survived the initial rush.

  • Avatar

    The second print is going to kill it. It reminds me very much of the ASM #1 Gamestop variant that was fetching $150 plus until they printed the fade variant, essentially doubling the print run

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