The Unpressable Defects #8

In this issue … store variants, X-Men vs Avengers movies, CGC, Mosaic and hype, Lockjaw, Vision #5, Valiant, comic books that would make good series, shops, a 72-hour offer that starts the moment this is posted and the boys take on your questions!

Language warning! Contains strong language …



  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    Love listening to these on Thursday morning… Thanks Khoi for mentioning the Suicide Squad Charity Art Challenge….

  • Dirty-Dalek

    Your numbers keep going up and that’s rad but I sure as s**t haven’t been telling people about it. Sorry but you drop knowledge and I don’t want my friends with bigger bank accounts snatching up the specs you share.

  • Avatar

    Great show like always I enjoy the b.s. keep on preaching the comic book gospel.

  • Topher

    Nice show!

    Every time I find New Guardians in the quarter bins there’s always one issue missing…

  • Avatar

    Hey that was a great show! Also, I hoped that I didn’t come off as complaining about the lack of diversity in comic books. There are a ton of new characters that are women and not white and I regularly buy their books. I know what it looks like when an industry or group is trying and the comic book industry is taking that to the extreme right now. I’m a composer, and if people think that there are no women or brown people in the comic world I hope they never look into the the world of concert music where we’re basically non-existent. At least through comics I can see the change and its not even going slowly for the age of the industry I think we’re moving pretty fast with our rate of change and it was cool of you guys to address it!

  • Avatar

    Great show! Had the podcast running while I work on the next great article to get me in the groove.

    I’m spinning gold here! Lol.

  • Gwenpool4President

    Good episode for a slow week in comics. I liked the questions from the community. Getting the community involved directly like that is a great idea, making something like that a regular segment would be sweet.

    What was with the Valiant hate, though? I would like to see some live action movies/tv shows from them. It would be interesting to see some superhero movies come from someone outside of Marvel and DC.

  • Topher

    If the Ultraverse ever gets optioned I’m quitting comics.

  • Duc

    Great episode gentlemen, keep it up!

  • Avatar

    do the listens from this link increase the iTunes rating or do we have to get it from iTunes for the numbers to go up?

  • Drew Kim


  • Avatar

    I liked the show this week. Khoi remains my fav participant. I want my boy to keep on killin’ it — so I’ll lend you a hand. It’s pronounced sin-KEV-ich. Otherwise, great chemistry you got going boys!

  • Avatar

    Thanks ppl we appreciate it all!

  • Sdalton

    Shaun, thanks for mentioning Beckett magazine – still around and still putting out monthly hot lists. Also, funny Tommy reference from Trey – aimed at Mel of course!

  • Topher

    Wizard magazines are still worth reading, including their underrated price guide which was the best modern guide ever published.

  • Avatar

    Great cast as usual!
    Jimster, Scarlet was optioned by HBO (for Cinemax). Bendis already has two shows under his belt and both have been renewed for a second season (Powers & Jessica Jones). That’s as many as any other comic book creator, no? (Fear TWD is not based on a comic, but a spinoff. Otherwise Kirkman would have three.)
    Sex Criminals will not happen, IMO.

  • Trevor Rayburn

    Can’t wait until the podcast reaches 3hrs!

  • Avatar

    I wish wizard was still around,, I have a bunch in a long box at home.

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