I’m a Negative Creep, and I’m She-Venom

Femmes Fatales of the Fantastic VarietyYou know when there’s the OG version of something, and then there’s a meh version of it that comes out later? That’s how I feel about this week’s lady…ladies. No, lady, singular.

Last page from Venom: Sinner Takes All #2Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_1_375She-Venom, also known as the Bride of Venom, first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #375 in 1993, written by David Michelinie and with art by Mark Bagley, Randy Emberlin and  fabulously colored by Bob Sharen. This original She-Venom is the only one I will be touching base on today, as she’s just a lot spiffier. There, I said it! Her name is Ann Weying, and she was a very supportive wife of Eddie Brock. However, she became concerned when he started becoming mentally unstable and obsessed with Spider-Man. Fed up, she served him divorce papers and avoided him. Little did she know, Venom was on the rise and made synthetic copies of Spider-Man’s parents to talk to her, and she told “them” about Eddie and an amusement park he loved. Ann went to the amusement park, but was very startled to see her ex-husband there, and after a fight broke out, she saved Eddie’s life by fighting off his attacker. Just as Venom and Spider-Man were about to go at it, and not in the frisky way, she convinced them to make a deal and to go their separate ways. She is a lawyer after all.

Venom - Sinner Takes All #3So how did she turn into the lady version of one of my personal favorite characters? While working on a legal case in a courtroom, Sin-Eater shot her, and she was rushed to the hospital. He came to finish her off, but Venom stepped in just in time, and whisked her away. Eddie ordered his symbiote to bond with her fully, healing her. How…romantic? Once bonded with the sticky alien thingy, she lashed out against two attackers, and once Eddie got the symbiote back, she was aghast at what she had done. She claimed the symbiote had made her do such things, much to argument from Eddie. Though he really shouldn’t be talking back, now should he?

In Along Came A Spider, Ann was even taken into custody by the NYPD in hopes of luring Venom out into the open. She shared a phone call with Eddie, in which he was able to convert his symbiote to be able to travel through the phone lines, and it merged fully with Ann. The reporter Trish Tilby is the one who dubbed this new creature “She-Venom” as she tore through the city and caused mayhem. Once the symbiote was free of Ann, she rejected Eddie, telling him he was becoming addicted to Venom, and she didn’t want to become addicted herself.

019Now Ann is a very strong woman, and even scared Eddie when the symbiote attached to her because of what power she possessed while bonded to it. But after the events that had happened, she became a traumatized recluse, and was fully agoraphobic. She remained in her apartment, and told Eddie to leave her alone when he came to visit her months later. As he opened her window to let in some light, she saw Spider-Man swinging by in his black suit, which Ann mistook for the symbiote. She was horrified, but then Eddie transformed into Venom in front of her, saying he was going to handle Spider-Man. As he morphed, Ann could feel the symbiote almost calling to her, that addiction she had battled so hard to avoid was buried somewhere inside her. She couldn’t take the mental torture, and jumped out of the window to her death (Amazing Spider-Man vol.2 #19).

Now it’s a pretty tragic tale, and even though fictitious, the mental anguish she suffered was enough to end her life. Comic book characters don’t always die in some epic way, and the fact that she committed suicide speaks a lot louder. However, we recently got a glimpse of a female Venom character in Venom: Space Knight #9, so could this be the return of Ann? Or is it a whole other creature altogether? Whatever it is, Ann will always remain the original She-Venom, staying true to the classic saying: “Behind every great symbiote-possessed man is a kick ass woman.”

Panel from Venom: Sinner Takes All #3


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