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The Flash ( 2010 ) 1:100 Variant

First Flashpoint, first Flashpoint Batman

I have to admit, I have a soft spot for The CW’s Flash TV show. It’s one of the few comic shows that tries the hardest to give us the best and wackiest characters/storylines from the actual comic books. Season 3 of the Flash will adapt the much maligned DC event Flashpoint. Currently we have no idea how they will do this or what they will change to suit a TV show but one of the bright spots in this series was the Flashpoint Batman. This comic is his first appearance.


NOTE: There is a second print which may or may not be pretty hard to come by.

Infinity Inc. 34 & Young Justice 7

First appearance of Artemis

Arrow’s next hero is ummmm also gonna shoot arrows. Yay. I sure hope they use the Young Justice Artemis and faithfully adapt the costume below.

Infinity_Inc._34 Mr5uPOI

Sentai 6

First Kamen Rider

If you haven’t seen footage of Amazon’s upcoming Kamen Rider show I suggest a quick visit to Duck Duck Go. The creators sure aren’t holding back on the violence. Sentai is already on my radar thanks to the first cover/comic appearance of the Power Rangers. This rare comic is the first comic appearance ( of which there are very few ) of Kamen Rider.



I am actually excited for Syfy’s Krypton show. I know many are expecting failure but Syfy is on a roll. If you aren't watching The Expanse and Dark Matter you are missing some good TV. Since the show will focus on Superman’s Grandfather Seyg-EL ( god what an awful name ) we can reasonably expect the show to deal with Kryptonian space exploration. Trust me this is a good thing. We already know how Krypton dies and I for one don’t want to watch a show about it. I am sure the inevitable destruction of the planet will be a plot line, let’s just hope it’s not the shows focus. As for the spec…
It’s really too bad the World of Krypton vol. 2 was over printed. Such is the fate of many comics from this era. Despite this disadvantage for speculators here are the books I like, including some deeper speculation:

World of Krypton 1

First Van-L


Superman’s grandfather was an important man. Prior to the events of Van-L’s rite of passage there had been countless millennia of peace on Krypton. Here is my favorite panel from the series ( issue 2 ) where Van-l is discharged from his warsuit. You can’t tell me Byrne and Mignola don’t have a sense of humor. Watch out for those nutrient fluids splashing all about the frigid, dark metals!


World of Krypton 2


First Black Zero

This terror organization was active during Seyg-El's time. I suspect they will be a part of this show as they are primarily in conflict with the House of EL. Do not confuse this Black Zero with the man supposedly responsible for Krypton’s demise.

ACANN Cv12 dsAction Comics Annual 12
First Ak-Var and Tes Ak-Var
Members of Black Zero
Man_of_Steel_1BMan of Steel 1
First Kelex

Note: I did not include World of Kypton 3 ( first Seyg-El or World of Krypton 1 ( 1979 ) first Jor-El 1 which may or may not be the first appearance of Seyg-El.) It’s a bit confusing but I already mentioned those books a year or so ago.

Hawk and Dove 2

With all the Rebirth fans now searching for Watchmen easter eggs don’t forget this copper age dud. Why would you want such an issue in your collection? Well there's a particularly interesting trophy hidden within its pages!



From the creator of Hoax Hunters comes ReincarNATE. Once a funded Kickstarter ( good luck finding the comic ) this series is getting a TV show before Heavy Metal even gets a chance to print it. Pre-order and hold.



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    Everyone says this is thomas waynes first app but all the other sites say flashpoint 1 is the first time we see thomas wayne as batman in a flashpoint timeline. Is there a spread people can a show a pic of that shows this is his first app?

    • Topher

      At the end of this Flash issue there is a two page Flashpoint spread. It’s a preview of Flashpoint. There are two panels, one on each page which show the Flashpoint Batman. Some folks on the G+ page mentioned that there might be a few other comics with this preview but I have not confirmed this. Out of all the possible books that preview Flashpoint this one is the one I featured based on the rarity of the book.

  • Avatar

    A preview is NOT a first appearance.

    • Topher

      I respect your opinion but that’s just not true and depending on the property the market occasionally disagrees with you as well. Read the publication and decide for yourself but the book in question publishes sequential panels of the Flashpoint Flash fighting the Flashpoint Batman. In this collector’s opinion that’s a true first.

      One more thing…

      I have said this before but it needs repeating:
      In the past I have made it clear that I write a bit more for the collector than the quick flipper, lurker, comic store/web store seller who tries to bend the market by posting tens of thousands of times on spec forums, Ebayer, or Amazonian. If you collect comics you might like to read my stuff, if you sell comics who knows? And while I understand that the name of the place is about investing in comics, I try my hardest to mix the two. At the end of the day it’s up to YOU to make the wise decision based the your own research and the research of others.

  • accustomfigures

    I have to agree with ChrisInKansas. This goes back to the old argument of preview vs true first in story. I think if previews counted as first appearances many of what we count as first appearances would be negated. I also think the majority of the market, weather collector or speculator, would also count the true first as being in story rather than a preview that appeared in multiple titles across a publishing line.

    I also would say that there are some exceptions where the character in question was not part of a larger shared universe with a massive publishing line. Examples would be The Goon who had several previews and concepts before making his first true appearance in The Goon #1 by Avatar, and also TMNT in the Gobbleddygook preview followed by TMNT #1.

    • Topher

      See there are too many examples now where a single image is all that’s needed; Spawn/Gwenpool/The Watchmen and more. All of these examples sell for more than their premiere issues. Even Certain issue of Foom are catching on as they should. My point is that a character’s inclusion in the story is not a first appearance requirment or part of any definition of a first appearance and value does not determines whether a book should be a first or not. Deadworld 10 is the first appearance of the Crow no matter what the value is of any other book. And whenever I hear the old argument that a first appearance needs a story I wonder why books with critical plot development or character altering events are largly not as important to the marketplace and instead cover art and variants are more important. In truth rarity is what’s important if you are all about the money…oh and demand. But if you take money out and just go with the facts then things get clear. Collect what you love.

  • Avatar

    The thing with the preview here is that it was published at a time when DC regularly included an “over the next year” preview page at the end of #1s and they always included dialogue and multiple story points. Way different IMO than New Mutants having “Next issue” Cable!” with a little picture of him in a box. I’m not sure if it should count, but this is closer to an in-story true first appearance/cameo than that non-diegetic nonsense.

  • accustomfigures

    Topher: Like I said, history shows us exceptions, and your example of the Crow falls right in with my example of Goon and TMNT; all 3 are from smaller independent publishers that don’t share a larger universe, and had a very small amount of books published. That’s where you find these exemptions.

    Also, you’ve made several comments that lead me to believe that you have something against the idea of speculation, or the “game” if you will, of comic book spec. Almost as if you are bitter towards it, and I feel like it’s influencing you do push for a book like BND Flash #1 to be what you want it to be rather than what it really is. Not trying to be combative, just a thought.

    • Topher

      You left out my other examples which were all from major publishers. I am not against the game as you call it, only looking for other things to collect and talk about. I wouldn’t use the term push either. That implies I have a financial stake in the book. I do not. Besides, the Flash book is not the only book in my article. Unless someone can produce a more rare example of the Flashpoint Batman’s first I fail to see how my assessment is innacurate. People may not want it to be his first for many reasons. I do my best to uncover facts about the debuts of heros we enjoy, nothing more.

  • Avatar

    Why can’t we just be collectors, not lawyers. Deadworld 10 has an ad for the Crow on the back. A 9.6 just sold for $450. Let’s not under estimate these things.
    A $1 book with a historically relevant preview isn’t much of a risk. I loved Flashpoint. I’m going to dig some change out of my couch and pick that book up.

  • Avatar

    P.s. that Brightest Day Flash 1 has an incentive variant.

  • Keith S.

    I actually enjoy reading Topher’s view on 1st appearances. He brings something much different to the game, and isn’t the same regurgitated sh*t that appears on the majority of other spec sites. He’s not telling you to load up on any of these books, but just pointing them out for the masses to be aware of. It’s very difficult to think for yourself and find these little hidden gems, and we are very lucky to have him write for the website.

    Now can someone please snag me a Sentai #6?!?!?!?!

  • Avatar

    What’s in this Hawk and Dove issue?

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