Justice League #1


Justice League is the second title of the Rebirth initiative that comes with a store variant program. I have only been able to find seven so far, but I am sure more will come up as this is supposed to hit next month.

Pretty cool covers, right? Strangely, Aspen started selling theirs yesterday and there seem to be some color versions still available … just saying!

If you know about a cover that does not appear below or you want to provide a better version of the art, please let us know by email to admin_AT_comicbookinvest_DOT_com.

1559770_xlTerry Dodson
Midtown Comics
C125287Tyler Kirkham
Dynamic Forces
s248192446658816_p100_i5_w1280Gabriele Dell'Otto

Bulletproof Comix

tumblr_o94gt7cB5q1ujfiv2o1_540Gary Frank
Fried Pie Comics
JL 01 Turner ColorMichael Turner
Aspen Store
s-l1600Eric “e.Bas” Basaldua
buymetoysKevin Maguire
Buy Me Toys
LJ1HHJosé Luís García López
Happy Harbor
s-l1600 (1)Darick Robertson
Golden Apple SDCC Variant

Ed Benes

Comic Hero University

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  • Avatar

    So what are you saying about Aspen, that its wack thats why its not sold out, or is not sold out so wink wink grab it.
    Personally I hate it, wonder woman looks like a crack head

    • Iñigo

      It’s just a reminder for people who didn’t get it yesterday. You can get it, you can not get it, that’s up to you. While it stands to reason that not all the Turner covers are going to be soldout winners, I am really curious about what a full set of them will get you down the road.

    • an2one

      I wish the crack heads in my hood looked more like her. I would pick up the habit.

  • Drclix

    Lol! I agree! The Batman aspen cover was awesome but this one?? Pretty bad. I’m not sure why everyone is all of a sudden on a Turner kick 8 years too late…

  • Avatar

    Ebas variant is from mostgoodhobby.com.

  • Avatar

    Turner sketch variant sold out very fast…the color cover they lowered to a max of 1 so of course that one will be a slower sellout. Not a great cover but the set is still selling for 2x cost.

  • Avatar

    I don’t think the Turner cover will hold the same prices as the Batman in the long run. It’s just nowhere near as good as the Batman or the ASM 15 covers. For my money the Basaldua and Dynamic Forces variants look the best.

  • Avatar

    Dodson is similar to Hughes, very good, but 1 step behind. Del’Otto is a consistant boss. Would have expected more from Turner, but he liked his ladies runway ready.

  • tiredguy

    I think Joe Mad has a cover.

    I agree that a full set of the Turner variants may be $$$.

    But as shown by the color “only” selling out today, the market may already be moving on.

    Of course I fully expect the Harley one to go nuts.

  • Dirty-Dalek

    Del Otto and Kirkham are the only two I’d pay cover or higher for. The rest (especially the Turner) I would not even pay cover for let alone waste the price of putting in a bag and board. Hopefully this awful Turner variant cools down the buzz this guy is getting.

  • Avatar

    Out of this lot, Dell’Otto, Dodson and Garcia-Lopez are the ones with great appeal IMHO. Fortunately HH is local for me, so Garcia-Lopez is in the bag…representing the old-school…I love it. Just pre-ordered Dodson from Midtown, hope shipping doesn’t kill me. Dell-Otto is the tough one…pre-orders on eBay are already over the $50 mark with shipping…trying to get a quote from the store itself. The rest of the covers I can live without (although the eBas would be nice to have).

  • Avatar

    I preordered the Dell’otto direct from Bulletproof earlier today. Color has a run of 3000 with b/w at 1500.

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