Dukes of Hazzard yanked off tv, all problems solved……right???

oneyearlaterWelcome to another One Year Later where the Watcher takes a look at books being speculated on 52 weeks ago and gives his verdict on how they performed. This week we take a look at Southern Bastards #10 Flag variant cover.


This book was released in response to the Charleston church shooting and, sadly, how many gun tragedies ago was this?

Yes, this book had great intentions as the solicit even says: This is a charity variant, all of the profits of this variant will be donated to charity to help pay for the funerals and provide other assistance to the families of the victims of the Charleston, South Carolina shooting.

Presells of this book easily topped $10 and, even when released, it went for double cover price so around $6 to $8. With the country in turmoil about the Confederate Flag, you would think the United States solved all of its problems when TV Land took off the Dukes of Hazzards TV show, since the main character (the General Lee car) had the flag on its top.

52 weeks later the Southern Bastards #10 Flag variant sells for about cover price, so NOT a disaster of a speculative pick if you bought off the stands at cover price. Presellers made out nice, people buying upon the web news (you've heard this one before) took a loss. Sadly, there seems to be more tragic guns news on a regular basis in the United States so this book has really been put on the back burner.


Until next week, keep those comments coming! Yes, it was a rough week taking on the Top Ten last week, but the Watcher leaves no stones unturned!

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