Marvel’s Hip-Hop Variants (part 8)

I’m going back to the hip hop covers because more have been released since my last article. Hopefully I don’t repeat any that I showed before.

All-New INhumans #5 Hip Hop VariantAll-New Inhumans 5 b111f2521868777fab66c1e1324f87c3.1000x1000x1Sugar Hill Gang: Rapper’s Delight
This song is very long but very easy to listen to because it flows so well. I’m not a huge fan of the really old school rap but I can deal with Rapper’s Delight.
Avengers_Standoff_Welcome_to_Pleasant_Hill_Vol_1_1_Hip-Hop_VariantAvengers Standoff:Welcome to Pleasant Hill 1 92064804_oOutkast: Stankonia
I liked Outkast before they hit it big with this album. You want to hear some classic Outkast listen to Player’s Ball and Rosa Parks.
Deadpool_Vol_4_7_Hip-Hop_VariantDeadpool 7 Bun-B-TrillBun-B: Trill
Hyperion_Vol_1_1_Hip-Hop_VariantHyperion 1 517N7Y7xjULWill Smith: Big Willy Style
I love that the Hyperion book says Big Milton Style.
Deadpool_and_the_Mercs_For_Money_1_Rahzzah_Hip-Hop_VariantDeadpool and the Mercs for Money 1 51DxU-KgT8LPimp C: The Naked Soul
Just based on Pimp C’s name and “friends” it looks like he knows what he is doing.
International-Iron-Man-1-2International Iron-Man 1 20071208-festRhymefest: Man in the Mirror
These covers remind me of “The Shining”
Mockingbird_Vol_1_1_Hip-Hop_VariantMockingbird 1 kool-moe-dee-1989Kool Moe Dee: Knowledge is King
Kool Moe Dee always had some tremendous eye-wear on. Tremendous!

More next week guys!


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