1Batman: Rebirth #1 Aspen Turner Variants (2016) DC Comics

BM_Aspen_Turner2-600x923 WRITER: Tom King
ARTIST: David Finch
The Champ is here! Turner and Aspen have been the talk of the community the past few weeks. The limited print run far outweighed the public demand and prices for both versions of this book have gone bonkers. Sets are selling for above $200 in some instances and the sketch alone for over $150. It's an incredible cover and this just might be the go-to Batman Rebirth book down the road based on what we have seen so far. The Batman #1 Hastings variants are doing decent as well.

2 Justice League #51 Retail $3.99 Error Cover (2016) DC Comics

jla51-2 WRITER: Dan Jurgens
ARTIST: Tony Kordos
The controversial variant for Justice League #51 garnered a ton of attention the past two weeks. There are two versions, the newsstand $4.99 version and the direct market $3.99 version. The direct market looks to be 25x more rare than the newsstand based on comics at auction right now. Copies are still selling for over $40 on the newsstand and above that for the direct market.

3 New Gods Vol.1 #7 (1972) DC Comics

WRITER: Jack Kirby
ARTIST: Jack Kirby
Steppenwolf was confirmed this past week to be the main villain of the new upcoming Justice League movie. This news caused this book to move from dollar bins to eBay in a hurry. Very hot book right now with multiple sales over a $100 raw for mid/high-grade copies. Still lots of meat left on this bone based on the market's reaction so far.


4 Ultimate Fallout #4  (2011) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Jonathan Hickman
ARTIST: Sara Pichelli
Miles Morales, much like Kamala Khan, is one of the more exciting characters Marvel is developing right now. This book has always been tough to find in high-grade first and foremost. Once the news dropped last week that Donald Glover signed on for the new Spider-Man movie, people began to assume the role was that of Miles. The variant is hard to find and out of most people's range, so the 1st print became low hanging fruit for scalpers.


5 NYX Vol.1 #4 (2004) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Josh Middleton
This book being as popular and as expensive as it is right now makes zero sense to me. The second appearance of X-23 Laura Kinney is now a $100 book raw in high-grade. A couple of shilled auctions caused this book to make the jump it did, but those same auctions didn't deter people from buying this book way out of what it's actual value should be.


Flash Vol.2 #138 (1998) DC Comics

WRITER: Millar, G. Morrison
ARTIST: Ron Wagner
This book has dropped in value a bit, but not in popularity. With Flashpoint being announced for the TV series next season, I'm not sure how this character ties in, but no one can argue that this book isn't selling incredibly well right now.


7 X-23 Vol.2 Women of Marvel #1 (2010) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Marjorie Liu
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
With the popularity of X-23 skyrocketing by the hour, collectors and scalpers are gobbling up all books they can with her on the cover. This one is difficult to find in the wild and has sold for above a $100 multiple times, with other copies in the $60-80 range.


8 The Kitchen #1 Variant (2014) Vertigo/DC Comics

WRITER: Ollie Masters
ARTIST: Ming Doyle
What makes this comic so amazing this week? Speculators. News this week has this book being picked up by New Line for the silver screen. I don't have much faith in this book long term. But in the meantime, it's tough to find.


9 Avenging Spider-Man Vol.1 #9 (2012) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Terry Dodson
The 1st appearance of Carol as the new Captain Marvel makes this book popular right now. I wouldn't have believed you if you told me last year this would be a $50 book raw in high-grade. That day has come. Depending on what they do with her in the MCU this still has some legs.


10 Amazing Spider-Man #654 2nd Print (1999) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Dan Slut
ARTIST: Stefano Casselli
I couldn't think of anything knew to say that I didn't say last time so I'm going to copy and paste from a month ago. I don’t get it, but the 1st appearance of Agent Venom is ridiculously hot right now. There haven’t been any rumors that I’m aware of to cause this spike, but I think people assume that if Venom makes an appearance in a Spider-man movie that it will be Flash as Venom instead of Eddie. This book is breaking price records for itself almost weekly now, and the regular 1st print is selling just as fast. Head scratcher for sure.


Superboy Vol.6 #19 (2013) DC Comics

WRITER: Tom DeFalco
The butt-hurt book of the week. : )

Tick (NEC) 1 (First Printing)

The Tick #1 (1988) New England Printing

WRITER: Ben Edlund
ARTIST: Ben Edlund
Don't know why, but the Tick #1 has been doing really, really, really well. All prints and SE have seen big jumps recently with multiple auctions going for big money.


  • Avatar

    Excellent depiction of what’s currently going on in the comic book market. Well done!

  • MakGalleries

    Tick #1 . I been working on the TV show. Should catch some new heat soon on it.

  • UltraMaximus

    You really think that Marvel Studios, who just made a deal to have Spider-Man get proper character handling with a joint venture between the MCU and Sony, would flat out SKIP Eddie Brock? That loose rumor of a stand alone Venom Movie is what caused the stir on the book, as well as everyone running to second prints “Because Print Run”, but that movie news has since faltered. And if a Stand Alone Venom does get made, it’s going to be Sony only, and suck just like Fantastic Four(s).

  • Avatar

    Spoon! I know Trey died a little bit putting the Tick on the list.

  • Moff

    posted about that superboy a while back its still a deal

  • emiobeg

    After the podcast all the cheap Superboy 19 online were all gone LOL . You boys did it again!!! Keep up the great work. -Cheers!!!

  • Brian Wood

    …and boom goes the dynamite! Great article as always. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Avatar

    Dan Slut….haha. Not sure if that was intentional or a Freudian slip. I hope it was intentional and if so, well played sir.

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    I dont get it….whats so special about superboy 19 ?

  • adcuevas

    What a crazy list. Cool to see Tick finally doing things. Low printed books for sure!

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    “This book being as popular and as expensive it is right now makes zero sense to me. The second appearance of X-23 Laura Kinney is now a $100 book raw in high-grade.”

    Tell that to Batman Adventures: Mad Love (Harley Quinn’s second appearance, also!) 😉

  • Avatar

    Mad Love was also cartoon Harley’s origin.

    Nyx 4 is nothing but a shiller’s short term success story.

    Also, the variant for UF 4 is anything but rare. It was a poor selling 1:25 when it first came out and was sold off for under cover price in a subsequent Diamond variant blowout sale, so there’s plenty of people sitting on this book for dirt cheap, and nobody is seriously believing that Likes Morales is in the live action movie, so speculator beware on it that one.

    Yeah sure, JL 51 is “25x rarer” in the “direct version” than the “newsstand version”. That’s only you ignore the multiple 5-25 book listing lots.

    Was also surprised to see the ASM 667 Dell’otto variant ($4k in a 9.6) and the Journey into Mystery 633 Venom variant ($300 raw) left off the list this week, with so much glorified dollar bin fodder listed instead.

  • merlin

    I think you did a great job. Remember JDR, this isn’t the 10 most ridiculously high priced books, it’s “what is selling consistently for considerably more than in the recent past” from what I understand. If Trey feels like looking at every completed listing on eBay and giving us a list of them ordered from highest to lowest average price shipped I’m sure he will. I had 5 of those X23 one shots I found in a 2$ bin an I’m down to one. At the time I was hyped it was a 20$ book. Last one I sold for 45 an had someone trying to give me 15 with repeated messages “my asking price was too high.” Lol.

  • accustomfigures

    Great write up. My favorite as always. JDR needs to eat some fruit or get a puppy or something.

    • Trey

      He comes in every week and says the same things. Appreciate his thoughts though and readership.

      He still hasn’t figured out that last weeks Top 10 was a Top 10 of the books that appeared the most times since our inception. Is what it is, though.

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    Great list as always, Trey. JDR probably just needs some extra fiber in his diet.

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    I like these write-up as well. I try to point out facts and sales and data points that I believe will add to the community’s assessment of some of the books that I see featured and not featured in these articles (both good and bad). The supplemental info on the few books on this week’s list that I provided is 100% accurate. Also, I don’t expect the writers to know of every notable sale that happens, either , which is why I mention them. Although I do realize that it’s easier and you’re more likely to turn a profit on volume on a stack of books that go from $1 to $40 each than it is on one book that goes from $150 to $300 or from $3500 to $4000.

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    very nice article.

    In regards to Justice League 51, I think its good to point out that the 4.99 newstand issue actually has another error in addition to the wrong cover. It has an incomplete barcode. This is very unusual.

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    Flash 138 is waaay overhyped and overvalued IMO. Last page panel cameo at best…not named. Flash 141 is 1st cover app. and is in whole comic,which is his 1st full appearance…that’s the 1 to get…..

  • gumba213

    Just dumped both my copies of New Gods #7 for $200 each. After the movie, maybe a year or two later this book is going to go back to it’s original value of $20-50.

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