Fallen Son: Death of Captain America #4 Michael Turner Variant

Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #4Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Simple question and answer….right now, what is the hottest comic out there? It would be hard to argue that Batman Rebirth #1, the sketch Turner variant is not the answer! That comic is as hot as they get right now! So for this week's cover, I went to the Turner well! What I found out is Turner did a string of Cap covers for the Fallen Son series (thanks to my friend Ricardo for the info!). One of these covers really caught my eye. It was the variant to #4. It has Cap on it, with a black suit Spidey! Not sure, but it might be Turner's only Black Spidey! Either way, IMHO, this cover is awesome!

Right now, there are a few cheap ones out there. I would wager, they would not last long. This is a 1:1 variant, with a total print run of 130k, so we are looking at about 65k out there. But I will say, I have never seen this one in the wild. Also, for that print run, I would expect to see more of these out there. So I cant really be sure where these all are, possibly in many PCs. Try to find these cheap, as you might be able to catch the Turner wave and ride these, and a few of his other covers to make some $$.

Good luck, and Happy Hunting Fellas!


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