Unpressable Defects #7

CBSI Podcast
CBCS vs CGC, Justice League #51, new comics get reviewed and spoiled, movie and TV news in depth, toy news from SDCC, everyone picks their two most wanted grail books and their favorite book in their collection … and a contest is launched!

Language warning! Contains strong language …



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    Sweet was waiting on this thought y’all where skipping a week

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    Nice, now I can be distracted while I work for the next two hours!

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    Love it guys!

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    DRose with those WNBA numbers

  • Brian Wood

    If you think Willem Dafoe sucks you must not have seen Boondock Saints! Oh and he was straight bad ass as Gil in Finding Nemo ha ha ha

  • dpiercy

    Is there a link to this on the site that I am missing? Kind of hard to find.

  • an2one

    Superman #423 shows a panel of a baby….doesn’t mention the name or anything. However, Action Comics #583 shows Jon Kent as a toddler and mentions his name, no?

  • Gwenpool4President

    I’ve been enjoying the podcasts, you guys do a good job of covering all the news while making it fun to listen to.

    Any plans of a video version of future podcasts being uploaded to YouTube? It seems the show would benefit from showing the covers of the books you are referring to (huge improvement, IMO), while also building up your viewership.

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    Awesome as always 🙂

  • Topher

    I was thinking about storing my comics on a sail boat sooooo thanks for the advice not to do that.

    If you use bags that cost 4.99 for a 100 and under you should re bag every 10 years. The right tape is critical too.

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    Great job on the show, I wait for it weekly

  • ECooper

    We can always count on Khoi to reign everyone in when things start going off the rails.

    Oh, and I do read Amazing Spider-Man so there you go, Trey!

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    First time commenting, but I’ve been enjoying the hell out of the site for a while and I really look forward to the podcast! Good stuff, guys!

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    I enjoy the friendly tone among the speakers, but cutting some of the lengthy off-topic digressions would be appreciated.

  • Scott Robertson
    Scott Robertson

    This is what I look forward to every thursday!! I was scared when I got up this morning and it was not posted… I got a kick out of the sound fxs

  • Eman

    Trey or Mel….. is that Faust #12 you’re (Mel) looking for from Avatar Press?
    I might know a couple of people.

  • Sandy Sutherland

    I like the comments regarding Mosiac. What a waste by Marvel. DC is giving me what I want the same comic series twice a month. No 30 day wait. Every 14 days I get a new book from a series.

    Good job guys I like listening to people talk Comics. Its a great hobby and more exposure to it is what is needed

  • Eman

    Comment on the Podcast:
    I Love the podcast. And I actually like the fact that you guys go off topic. It let’s us the listeners get a sense of who you guys are…at least when drunk and high…lol.
    But seriously, it gives this podcast character…. and its entertaining as hell.
    To hear a straight podcast of boring people talking about comics would be detrimental to my brain.
    The fact you guys are spontaneous….talk off topic, ect. is great.

    My complaint….(cuz I’m behind in technology, and I spend all my money on comics)
    I cannot download iTunes on my tablet….and my cell phone is circa 2004….call and text….that’s all it does. To have your contest of reaching 25, 50 + comments on iTunes only sucks.
    Well, it sucks for me anyway…lol. You should have the contest for both….or at least for comments left on this page.
    But either way, I WILL KEEP ON LISTENING… you guys are simply awesome. I wouldn’t change a thing…except for your iTunes contest…lol.

    And so I’m not hiding behind my fake name…my name is Emanuele Ferrigno…. (and as far as I know I’m not related to Lou)

  • Mugroantics

    Vegas dancer painted in latex, whiskey soaked tampons and Khoi sitting in a mini van elbow deep in chicken wings…. Now that’s entertainment. Otherwise, great to hear what books others are in the hunt for and the Turner discussion was great as well. Nice job.

  • Tim Sack

    Holy Whiskey soaked tampons batman!! Lmfao heard it kicks in faster then drinking it according to a news report. Maybe that Canadian mountie has tried it. Great podcast guys thanks for the shout at the end Mel and Shaun. Yes palm Springs con and weekend at Stan’s will be there signing. Nice job again thank you for taking the time and doing this.

  • J. Raul Mendieta

    Guys. I look forward to the pod-cast every week. I learn something new everytime I listen.
    But, uh….yeah……sometimes the conversation goes way off the subjects of comics and I really don’t need to know who mails cocks to whom. Lol.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Kittie Pop

    I like that you guys go off topic. That’s where the giggles happen. NM+ giggles.

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    Guys great job as always I currently subscribe to 10 other podcasts and you have rapidly become my favorite by far! F@(& the haters go off topic all you want. The reason this show is great is because you guys can keep an interesting conversation going the whole time even if Jimmy refuses to participate or Khoi gets salty that you’re off topic. I’ll take a side of kicking air conditioners out of windows and jumping out naked with my comic speculation any day of the week

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    You guys suck. Just playin just wanted to tell you guys thanks for all the info. You guys have definitely helped me out on my variant game. Especially with my incredible hulls #635 granov variant.

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    I read amazing spiderman… Haha. You guys always make me laugh. It’s nice to just listen to friends casually talk to each other about comics. Reminds me of the way I talk to my friends.

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    Raider Nation fo life!!!!! Couple episodes late but still same effect. Love you guys the non sense and the legit s:):)t is all gravy. A visual would be great… Trey please don’t start a story by saying “I ended up naked running through Vegas” and not tell us the whole story. not cool. “You boys keep on doing the lords work and preach the gospel of comics.” Austin 3:16

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    I’ve been listening and checking out the site for a while. Keep up the good work. The CGC stuff is interesting, but it sounds like you are beating your head against the wall. I liked the undervalued books list. Keep in mind when you guys complain about people wanting info from you guys it is a compliment. No one should be rude to you if you don’t give them good stuff, but obviously your opinions are interesting or you wouldn’t have hit 2MIL visits. Take the bad with the good, like that guy licking —-holes. And tell the black guy to read some of the damn books! 🙂

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    This is the first ep I’ve listened to in it’s entirety. Of all the comments I thought about dropping here, one has stuck with me — Khoi has a very trustworthy and radio-genic voice. Otherwise, I like the flow of the podcast. I like your camaraderie. I like that you all have opinions; I like that your opinions differ on occasion, sometimes there’s a vast difference. One complaint: It’s too long. Cut it up into 30-45 minute segments. Do a highlights reel. Do a bloopers reel. Overall, I was pleased with my experience. Keep up the good work!!

  • Sandy Sutherland

    Jimmy, want to sell me your Bunker #1? I live in Hamilton and will take your copy off of your hands. let me know I can be found on hangouts. Thanks

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    Love the podcast have been listening to them at work through the headsets and its hysterical, with lots of good information. Thanks for putting it together. By the way I think what makes it work is that you actually discuss comics as far as what to speculate on where as other podcasts just seem to be a talking previews book.

  • zraximus rouge

    Thanks for being the voice of reason Khoi! But I’d love to see the latex pics trey! Great job again!

  • Khoi Cakes

    Thanks for the support and comments everyone! We’re still playing around with the format so appreciate all of the feedback. Love my podcast mates and I hope our chemistry shows through even if we all don’t see eye to eye on all of the topics. I think I have the worst radio voice so thanks for the compliment Aaron.

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    Comments Comments Comments! Appreciate you all! Good or bad! Havin a damn good time too!

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    Nothing wrong when you guys go off topic ! I quite enjoy the randomness of it lol

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    Wednesday is like Christmas Eve each week, as I wait the next release of the new podcast on Thursday morning. Some weeks I am able to consume the entire thing in one sitting, other weeks I have to spread it out over a few days. This week I had to spread it out and I almost missed my shout out. Thanks for the acknowledgement! I love listening and being a part of the community. When I listen, it is like being at a comic shop hearing my friends talk about comics and whatever is else in on their minds or in the news. Keep up the good work everyone!

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    Good stuff. Intro music was dope. Gets better every week.

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    You guys rock!! I was torn this week…I first saw the podcast was only 2 hours 25 minutes…but then at the end of listening, I was so freakin’ tired from laughing so much!!!

    Again Trey, you are a ROCKSTAR!!!

  • Simon Payne

    loving every episode, keeps me entertianed whilst the wife is at the gym on a Thursday (although my 4 yr old don’t get it!!!)
    Great to see the legend, the myth that is the Simon Payne 1:1 variant is beign kept alive (stillo no sign of any copies of that book yet 😉
    Also Cumbersnatch lives

  • Dirty-Dalek

    The Turner variant heat wave puzzles me. To me the art doesn’t warrant the resale value. The new Del Otto stuff crushes the Turner stuff.

  • Dirty-Dalek

    Also. It takes me a week to listen to whole episode because of work and my needy girlfriend but every free minute I get (shit, shower, shave and commute) I’ve got the podcast playing.

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    Great Podcast guys. I’m glad you guys try to reign it in when you go off-topic, and I don’t mind a few minutes of that. I stopped listening to another podcast (not CBSI) recently because they BSd for 45 minutes before even starting to talk about comics.

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    I like the shenanigans and you guys have great chemistry. Lots podcasts just lull me to sleep by strictly staying on topic. Keep up the good work!

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