The Day After Wednesday for 6/23/16

Want to know which books from yesterday’s new deliveries are already heating up and which ones are cooling? Here’s a “Day After” list that we hope will help! This isn’t a reflection on the quality, collectability or long term potential of recently released books. This is based on today’s market price for books that came out on Wednesday, 6/22/16. They could still be at your shop.


HARLEY QUINN #29 1:25 CONNOR VARIANT – I feel like every Harley book has a variant, which tends to water down the value. However, this is a solid $40 right now. It will dip a bit, but still a solid buy. By the way, there's a GameStop rewards variant for this issue that's pretty awesome.  None have sold yet, but there's one listed for $99.

Harley Quinn #29 Amanda Conner Variant Harley Quinn #29 Gamestop Variant


BATMAN #1 – The standard covers (standard & Tim Sale variant) are still selling for $10 shipped. However, the variant highlights are the Tyler Kirkham Hastings color variant ($40 avg.), the Amazing Comic Con Philip Tan “Harley” Variant (both b&w & color are doing $45 avg.) and the heavy hitter is the Turner Aspen variant. The color is doing $60 avg. and the b&w is $100. If there's any book to hold and tuck away into your collection, it's the Turner b&w. At 1500, that b&w variant is the rarest of them all. A lot of these issues are getting tucked away into collections and will dry up as the years pass.

s-l1600 (2) s-l1600 Batman-1-Michael-Turner-2

DARK KNIGHT RETURNS THE LAST CRUSADE #1 – The buzz behind the Sienkiewicz variant didn't seem to do much as it still sits as a $25 book. The Jim Lee 1:500 hit $500 and very few are getting listed. The Miller 1:100 is doing $80 shipped.

GREEN ARROW #1 – Still selling for $10-12 shipped.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #51 – This book was easily the book of the week last week. Show of hands: who here either called or visited a Barnes & Noble this week? First to market copies hit huge numbers. Then people started finding copies and they began flooding eBay. However, while the flood dropped values, copies are still moving consistently at $40. The direct $3.99 version has proven itself as the hardest to find and tends to go for a little more then the B&N version. Error editions tend to have a long life in the after market.

1548836_xl 1530633_xl Justice League #51 Error Cover

PATSY WALKER AKA HELLCAT #7 – Prices have been fluctuating between $25 & $45 shipped. There are about 13 copies currently listed. The long term value is hard to gauge. Still a great cover, but it'll most likely stabilize at $25 and stay there.

SUN BAKERY #2 1:5 VARIANT – Despite being impossible to find in stores, this has dropped from $40 to $20.

TITANS REBIRTH #1 – The standard cover is doing a bit better then the variant at $14 shipped.

1548844_xl Sun Bakery #2 Variant 1530674_xl (1)


FLASH #1 – Selling for $1 or $2 over cover.

GWENPOOL #3 1:25 FAGAN VARIANT – Solid $30 shipped.

LA MUERTA DESCENT #1 (COFFIN COMICS) – There are a lot of variants for this, most of them are sold on the Coffin Comics site. The foil variant is selling for the most at $50, which is still in stock there for $25.

Flash #1 Gwenpool #3 Variant La Muerta Descent #1

STAR WARS FORCE AWAKENS #1 – The variants are doing decently, but they're probably overpriced at your LCS. Here's what they're doing to help you gauge a good in-store price: Quesada Sketch 1:300 @ $240, Cassaday 1:200 @ $160, Quesada Color 1:100 @ $80, Cassaday 1:50 @ $25, Noto 1:25 @ $20 & Movie Poster 1:15 @ $10.

WONDER WOMAN #1 – The Cho variant is doing double cover.

lStar Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Adaptation #1 Joe Quesada Sketch Variant Wonder Woman #1


she-wolfACTION MAN #1 (IDW)




DEADPOOL VS. GAMBIT #1 – With the success of Deadpool vs. Spider-man, Marvel has decided to just keep doing the same thing with other Marvel characters.




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    Matt, great article as usual. Thanks for the heads up on the Harley gamestop. One of the plusses to my kids getting video games is that I use the points.

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    Those “LA MUERTA DESCENT #1” issues are amazing. The artistry is downright beautiful. Especially the Standard and Calavera Editions. Wow.

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    The Justice League 51 error cover is also available at Books-A-Million as a newsstand version. My local BAM received around 9 copies that I saw.

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    Great write-up on what was a very busy week for comics, Matt. One quibble: I believe the Hastings variant for Batman has the same print run as the Turner variant (3000 color, 1500 B/W). It may even end up being lower when you consider the effect their bankruptcy had on their shipment from Diamond. I know my shop had a lot fewer than they normally would but online orders could account for that

    • Matt DeVoe

      Thanks Nick for those numbers. Sorry for omitting them.

      • BuckarooBri

        On the note of the Hastings chapter 13, Matt, would you consider/suggest snagging Hastings variants for investments (and if so, would you consider them for long term or short flips)?
        Reason i ask is i have a Hastings in town and imo IF Hastings does survive the chapter 13, it will be one of the smaller satellite stores that gets axed to keep the company intact. I’ve seen “clearance sales” in stores before, and i’ve ALSO seen “going out of business sales” and i’m tending to get a vibe from the 2nd here.
        Anyway i digress…..Hastings variants, good investment? long term? short term?

        • Matt DeVoe

          It depends on the book. If you’re getting it super cheap, then anything could be a good return. But, no, when things close, those books tend to die faster. The recent Batman Hastings variant would be an excellent pick up though.

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    DARK KNIGHT RETURNS THE LAST CRUSADE #1 – The buzz behind the Sienkiewicz variant didn’t seem to do much as it still sits as a $25 book. The Jim Lee 1:500 hit $500 and very few are getting listed. The Miller 1:100 is doing $80 shipped

    Sad to hear, as the Sienkiewicz cover is simply a work of art! I NEVER buy variants, but I ended up dropping $20 on this cover. He’s probably my favorite comic book artist, period.

    • Matt DeVoe

      Totally. It doesn’t mean it can’t go up. It just didn’t this week. Maybe long term.

    • BuckarooBri

      If you really like Sienkiewicz AND you want a potentially decent investment, check out his MOON KNIGHT run (if you don’t already have it). I REALLY enjoyed his work and even met him at a con (KC i think, lol asked him to politely pronounce his name so when i gave his artwork rave reviews, i wouldn’t butcher it…he had a good laff over that). Neway, with rumors of MK coming to NF soon (next year or so), you can probably still find the run in bargain boxes, so if you DON’t have it, snag em!!

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    Any opinion on the Deadpool V Gambit Gamestop variant?

  • BuckarooBri

    Found a SWTFA #1 with an ALL white CARDBOARD stock cover with a COLOR Quesada inside that. Heard any word on that one? Also, (just imo) your ranking of FLash Rebirth as warm, is off considering it’s the 1st appearance and origin of the newest baddie GODSPEED!!!

    • Matt DeVoe

      It’s warm simply because of Godspeed. The issue was only selling a little over cover the day after. I couldn’t justify putting a $3 profit book in hot. BUT, it could absolutely move it’s way up. Plenty of potential.

      • BuckarooBri

        I see, understand and do agree with that @Matt DeVoe, it does have the POTENTIAL to get bigger (i.e. investment) and i see that at it’s present movement, is warm as an accurate description. Thanks for the 101 🙂

    • BuckarooBri

      UPDATE on the SWTFA variant, i now own….it’s all white cardstock with Marvel 001 Variant Edition next to the Title…..that’s it. Now, once you open it, the VERY 1st page is an interior color Esad Ribic color cover. While i was there, ALSO purchased the Han Solo 001 variant that is EXACTLY the same (all white cardstock) with a color Lee Bermejo interior cover. Still, their mine now but noticed there was no mention of the white cardstock in the variants. Anyone seen others or know their release #s? Thanks!

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    My Favorite Batman 1 cover is the Dell’Otto Bulletproof.
    I got a pair for pc.
    I also got the colour Turner Aspen that is very nice too.
    I think Batman 1 will go up in value.

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