Harley Quinn #20 Baltimore Comic Con Variant – Amanda Conner

harley-quinn-20-baltimoreWelcome back Ladies and Gentlemen! It's another week of Covers from the Unknown! First off let me apologize for the hiatus from last week! It won't happen again! This week I bring you a “ghost” from the world of Comic Con variants! This is Harley Quinn #20, the rare Baltimore CC variant, with Amanda Connor art! As with most Con variants, this was only given out at the Baltimore Comic Con, last September.

So, why is this a ghost? I don't have a definitive answer. These haven't been around in months, and I fear once they do show, they will go for decent $$. Many months ago, they used to sell for anywhere between $20 – $40. Print run is supposedly 3,000. There are other SDCC and NYCC variants out there that you can find all over the net, but this Baltimore variant…. nowhere….good luck my friends! Happy Hunting Fellas!

As an added bonus, I know there was a decent number of CBSI members at the Con last year, and the word on the street was it was amazing!


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