Time To Hunt: Justice League #51 Print Error


We can now confirm that DC may have made one of the biggest mistakesĀ in recent memory. Bleeding Cool yesterday announced that Diamond was sending replacement issues of Justice League #51 with the cover for Justice League #52. This is a grievous mistake and one that should be recalled by Diamond any hour now. The creative team is even incorrect if you look at the photos of pic 2 and 3 as is the lettering.

I have a theory this was done on purpose by either a disgruntled DC employee or done by the printer. People love error baseball cards and comics, and this is a huge title. This isn't Scooby Doo we are talking about, it's the Justice League.

Another interesting development is that Barnes and Nobles retail stores were shipped the Luthor cover as well, and it has a different UPC code completely (Thanks to Cameron Llewellyn for the tip). Were these shipped at the same time as the regular covers from Diamond? There are still a lot of questions to be answered for sure.

The key to this book and its aftermarket appeal will be how many copies made it out and how many made it into the hands of collectors. The books were originally sent out by Diamond as an emergency replacement for damaged copies of JL #51 sent out Monday. I haven't seen an error like this from a major title in a really long time. This could be an absolute monster of a book if you can find them. There could be a ton of copies out there as well. I'm not reporting on the rarity, just the fact an error was made by Diamond and copies are in fact out in the wild as we speak. I would definitely hit up shops this afternoon and inquire before the recall email goes out, if it already hasn't.

You can tell by the photo even the error Luthor JL #51 cover is off as it doesn't have the correct text shown for the #52 cover for next month. Crazy stuff and a big black eye for DC.


Retail Variant Error photos from Barnes and Noble

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