Variant Heat Check for 6/14/16


New Mutants #1

New Mutants #1 Kubert WW Philly Partial Sketch Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

I know this isn’t JSC, but could this follow other partial sketch variants into the stratosphere? Probably not, but you never know what will happen if a movie comes to fruition.

Captain America #1 Hildebrandt 1:50 Variant

Captain_America_Steve_Rogers_Vol_1_1_Captain_America_75th_Anniversary_VariantHEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepperpepper

It’s been a few weeks since Marvel dropped the bombshell that good ‘ol Cap was an agent of Hydra the entire time. Long time fans made such a fuss that the book actually became popular and this book is still holding steady at around $75.

Ms Marvel #1 Michael Turner Variant

Ms. Marvel #1 1:15 Turner Variant

HEAT CHECK STATUS: pepperpepper

There’s a lot of heat on the Turner Batman variants, so maybe other turner covers will catch some heat. This cover could be an obvious choice, although at 1:15, is not that rare.

TMNT #59 RI and Anastasia’s Collectibles Variants

TMNT-59_Cover-RI TMNT-59_Cover-RE-Anastasias-Collectibles
Drops on Wednesday!

Trey dropped a bombshell yesterday in reference to what happens in this issue, and every online retailer sold out. Surprisingly, the RI variant for #44 still sells well.

Note: Variants appearing in the Top 10 will not appear on this list due to contractual obligations.

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