DC Steampunk Variants

February 2014 saw DC Comics unveil another interesting ratio variant concept in the form of the DC steampunk covers. Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction in which the genre is set in a Victorian like time period and the most advanced forms of technology are clockwork and steam operated mechanics. I am by no means an expert in the field of steampunk (consult John Brown though, the guy knows his stuff) so hopefully my pedestrian research is somewhat factual. Anyhow, DC used this subgenre to mesh their titles and characters into the genre. I was not a fan when these first came out but I will be the first to admit that over time, many of these covers have grown on me. The artwork duties for these 21 covers (even though initially 20 were announced) were handled by renowned artists such as Howard Chaykin, J.G. Jones, Matteo Scalera, Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian, Tommy Lee Edwards, and Klaus Janson.

Batwoman, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman have already begun their climb in aftermarket value but there are a few others in this set that I could certainly see rising as well. These covers were all 1:25 ratio variants and the majority of these covers have fairly low print numbers. I have found some of these covers since their release and you can surely still find some online for good prices but some of these are becoming a task to locate. To all of you completest out there, best of luck on completing this 21 cover set and until next time, keep digging!

Always remember that the numbers below are a high end estimate and that most of these books are actually much lower in number

Action Comics #28 Steampunk VariantAction Comics #28
Dave Johnson
1,412 copies
Aquaman #28 Steampunk VariantAquaman #28
Richard Horie
1,397 copies
Batgirl #28 Steampunk VariantBatgirl #28
J.G. Jones
1,382 copies
Batman #28 Steampunk VariantBatman #28
Howard Chaykin
4,563 copies
Batman and Robin #28 Steampunk VariantBatman & Robin #28
Matteo Scalera
1,735 copies
Batman / Superman #8 Steampunk VariantBatman/Superman #8
Tommy Lee Edwards
2,325 copies
Batwoman #28 Steampunk VariantBatwoman #28
Dave Johnson
826 copies
Detective Comics #28 Steampunk VariantDetective Comics #28
Klaus Janson
2,264 copies
Earth 2 #20 Steampunk VariantEarth 2 #20
Dan Panosian
1,429 copies
Flash #28 Steampunk VariantFlash #28
Howard Chaykin
1,343 copies
Green Lantern Corps #28 Steampunk VariantGreen Lantern Corps #28
Howard Chaykin
1,165 copies
Green Lantern: New Guardians #28Green Lantern: New Guardians #28
Klaus Janson
1,088 copies
Harley Quinn #3 Steampunk VariantHarley Quinn #3
Tommy Lee Edwards
2,558 copies
Justice League #28 Steampunk VariantJustice League #28
Dan Panosian
3,236 copies
Justice League Dark #28 Steampunk VariantJustice League Dark #28
Tommy Lee Edwards
1,220 copies
Justice League of America #28 Steampunk VariantJustice League of America #12
Matteo Scalera
2,250 copies
Nightwing #28 Steampunk VariantNightwing #28
Tommy Lee Edwards
1,477 copies
Superman #28 Steampunk VariantSuperman #28
Jeff Wamester
1,371 copies
Superman / Wonder Woman #5 Steampunk VariantSuperman / Wonder Woman #5
Dan Panosian
1,793 copies
Teen Titans #28 Steampunk VariantTeen Titans #28
Jason Pearson
1,069 copies
Wonder Woman #28 Steampunk VariantWonder Woman #28
J.G. Jones
1,258 copies

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