Special Collectible 1,000 Post Edition

1 Batman Adventures Vol 1 #12 (1993) DC Comics

JAN040209 WRITER: Kelley Puckett
ARTIST: Mike Parobeck
In honor of Muhammed Ali, “The Champ is Here”. This was a close battle and this just barely beat out the #2 book. It's the most iconic modern age book currently available that isn't a variant. This book still having a chance to go up in value and not peaking yet is what's scary . If the Suicide Squad movie is as good as the trailers look, watch out!

2 Captain Marvel Vol 6 #17 Cover C 2nd Print (2014) Marvel Comics

kamala-khan-first-costume-appearance1 WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Filipe Andrade
This book brings back memories. Of all the books on the Hot 10 so far, this one made the biggest impression on the community. It went from a $75 book in 9.8 all the way up to $800+ in a few months. Kamala is a unique character and people loved her and her first run through the Secret Wars crossover event . The book has cooled off recently but has picked back up in the past few days. Good long term investment.
Preacher #1

Preacher #1 (1996) DC/Vertigo

WRITER: Garth Ennis
ARTIST: Glenn Fabry
One of the group's all-time favorite books. It was speculated on for over two years now and people who loaded up are now getting paid their dividends.


NYX #3 (2012) Marvel Comics

WRITER: Joe Quesada
ARTIST: Josh Middleton
This is the biggest book of the year so far, and one that has made the biggest jump in recent memory. X23 is a bonafide hit right now. Her ANW series is doing extremely well and thin movie rumors have caused this book to become a modern age key.


Walking Dead #100 2nd Print (2012) Image Comics

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
Negan is a big deal. The anticipation of his debut on the TV show caused WD #100 books to become paper gold. The fact this cover is black and very difficult to find in high grade made this book extremely popular. The fact that it showed Negan in full on the cover was also a deciding factor in making this book make as many appearances as it did.

* Editor note:  Correction – most WD #100 variants still remain paper paper 🙂


Batman #35 Combo Pack Polybag Variant(2014) DC Comics

WRITER: Scott Snyder
ARTIST: Greg Capullo
COMBOOOOOOOOO madness. This book was the beginning of one of the greatest story arcs in modern comics. It also started the combo craze of 2015. Combo packs are much rarer than most people realize and people still collect them. Finding them in high grade are very difficult and I honestly believe as the years go by these will become even more in demand.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vol 5 #44 Cover C Retailer Incentive Variant Cover (2015) IDW Publishing

WRITER: Tom Waltz
ARTIST: Cory Smith
The death of Donatello………or was it? This book came out of left-field and most people had no clue what was within its pages. This was part of the IDW incentive variant program and within a week, this was a $150 book raw. The FCBD edition proved Donatello wasn't dead, but this book still sells incredibly well for good money.


Divinity #1 1:40 Larosa Variant (2015) Valiant Comics

WRITER: Matt Kindt
ARTIST: Ryan Winn
The is one of the rarest modern variants that came out last year, with Divinity being one of the surprise hits of 2015. As the series grew in popularity, so did this book. There were only a couple hundred copies available and people searched high and low for this book. It still is doing well in the aftermarket. Great cover and great book quality. If Valiant can ever get some traction, this could be a monster for years to come.


Harley Quinn Vol. 2 #1 Hughes Variant (2013) DC Comics

WRITER: Amanda Connor
ARTIST: Chad Hardin
Another book that has graced the Hot 10 on multiple occasions for various reasons. We here at CBSI love Adam Hughes artwork. This is one of his better covers and 9.8 copies have sold up to $1k within the past 6 months. The crazy part is the Harley pictured looks a lot like Margot Robbie and this was way before casting had even started. One of the rarer and more sought after Harley books for sure.


10 Salvation Run #7 Neal Adams Variant (2008)

WRITER: Matthew Sturges
ARTIST: Sean Chen
Jason Szczesniak was on this book in one of his very first “Covers of the Unknown” articles on the website. This article alone caused a feeding frenzy and copies went from $8 up to $40 in days. It's one of Adams' best pieces of modern work and one of the best, if not the best, Joker covers ever. Awesome book and cover, and it still sells really well to date.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 Cover G Incentive White Ranger Variant Cover (2016) Boom Studios!!

WRITER: Kyle Higgins
ARTIST: Daniel Bayliss
The haters hated, the investors profited. Say what you want about the MMPR #0 books, but they ruled a good portion of the early months of 2016. This book still sells for hundreds of dollars currently and is in heavy demand.


Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #23 Hughes Variant ( 2006) DC Comics

WRITER: Mark Waid
ARTIST: Barry Kitson
The book that made me start CBSI in the first place couldn't be left off the list. Behind BA #12, this is the most demanded book on our Marketplace by members. In my opinion, this is the best cover of the modern era and the 1st variant of substance and value.

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  • itseddieok

    Thought for sure you’d have Supergirl and the Legion in the top ten, but close! Great list.

  • Khoi Cakes

    Damn, 1000 articles already! Great covers on the list.

  • adcuevas

    Fun article Trey. And congrats to the site for the milestone!

  • Avatar

    Have printed the page and sent to be slabbed……nothing currently on EBAY so if I get it back quickly should be a good turnaround 🙂

  • Ben Steiniger

    Congrats Trey on the milestone! You’ve built something great here

    • Avatar

      What you think about those combos? Is it better to sell raw in the bag sealed? Or is it better to keep it open at a cgc for a signature series? Is it better to sell now or hang on to them ?

      • Trey

        I’d hang on and forget about them

        • Avatar

          Well its funny the one u have listed i hanged on to it still sealed. But i had 2 other ones i had to open at a con to get them cgc signature series. One came back low grade like 7.5 im waiting for the grading notes to come back then see what caused it cause i didnt open it till the moment it got signed and it looks clean like a 9.8

          Im waiting on the other one to come in the mail next week to see if this is a “combo” issue thats causing low grades or its something else

        • Avatar

          Hey trey,

          Just had some combo packs that got signed and cgc come back, is it cool if i get ur email and send u a few pics? Wanted to get ur opinion on the grades and if this is a “combo pack” issue when it comes to grading , thanks

        • Avatar

          Well its interesting Drew.L just posted a article on this page one year later with the combo variant batman 40 right on the cover saying one year later this book had failed and gave it a thumbs down. Now here we are saying hang on to combos from Trey, so I guess Drew is wrong for putting that combo pack picture on the cover and mentioning the word fail in the same article a d thumbs down

  • Keith S.

    Cheers to 1000, and to the next 1000. wow, no JSC love…

  • ECooper

    What? No die-cut, lenticular, holofoil variant to celebrate this momentous occasion?!?! 😉

    • Matt DeVoe

      Man, these are all pump and dump. This Harley character is going no where. 😉
      Congrats Trey. What you, Inigo and the site has done is capture the feel of what Wizard magazine used to do. You captured that market and pretty perfectly too. Seeing this top 10 is honestly something I look forward to every Friday. Here’s to a 1000 more.

  • an2one

    Congrats on the Milestone. As always, love the Top 10s!

  • Simon Payne

    Trey, I still remember the 1st time you ever posted about losh 23 saying it one of your grail books & could anyone help you find one,….way….. Before anyone even had this book on their radar.

  • emiobeg

    Adding my Congrats to the milestone. I always look forward to the Top 10 on Fridays. Here to you Trey and to 1000 more. Cheers! ?

  • Avatar

    Wow. No X-23 #1 Dell’otto?

    That book has been the top selling X-23 book all week, with sales of raw copies topping out at $700.

    Should easily have been the #2 book on the list this week.

    And come on guys, Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #23 “the first variant of substance and value”?? Lolol

    How about Batman 608RRP? Ten times more valuable and rare, and released 4 years sooner?

  • Avatar

    And PS: Walking Dead #1 would be the “most iconic modern age book currently available that isn’t a variant”, not BA #12. Its also more rare and valuable.


    • Trey

      Well if you actually read what this Top 10 is about i wouldn’t have to explain why your statements are incorrect. This is our 1000th article ever and we celebrated with The Top 10 list of the books that appeared the most over the time period.

      Thanks for looking though.

      For the record your other comments and suggestions are ….

      • Avatar

        I read it and I stand by my characterizations with regard to your statements on BA 12 and the Supergirl book.

        They are both demonstrably incorrect.

        But hey, keep on trucking mah-man. 😉

        • Avatar

          JDR let’s stick to the intent of the variant statement. If you want to talk 1st valuable variant was can go back a long way to logo and price variants. Additionally if you poll the collecting community I would bet the the Supergirl variant is on more people’s want list that the Batman.

          If your purpose is to troll please feel free to go back to where that behavior is accepted.

          • Avatar

            Pointing out blustery rhetoric that is factually incorrect isn’t “trolling”. If anything , you making that insinuation is. Get a hold of yourself.

            And I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to know that the author is referring to “modern variants” (not bogus price and logo “variants” that you are attempting to rope into the conversation for some reason).

            As for what the “community” would prefer in a poll – who cares ? Is this report a reflection on what the “community” wants or a reflection of the actual market? Because in the actual marketplace one book sells for $3500 (Bats 608RRP, if one ever even comes up for sale) and another maybe sells for $500 (Supergirl, 7 on eBay right now alone). The author’s statement that the Supergirl book is the first (modern) variant of substance and value is utterly incorrect, and instead of people getting their backs up about it and the fact that I pointed it out, a little humility and appreciation for pointing out the over sight would probably be more apt.

          • Avatar

            JDR – providing information an opinion is appreciated and welcome when done in a respectful manner. Your comments appear as “trolling” based on how you choose to word them. I do not think you would word your replies in the manner if they were in face to face conversation.

  • Avatar

    theses are the top tens that I love when I have a few of the books. Congrats trey!

  • accustomfigures

    Congrats on 1000, my favorite article of every week. And the Valiant love makes it better. Word up!

  • Avatar

    Congrats on the milestone Trey! Here’s to another 1000 articles! How you managed to do this with Inigo running the website is beyond me 😉

  • Avatar

    Thanks Trey. This is great!

  • Jason S

    1,000 Posts!! Amazing! Great list here Trey!

  • Avatar

    Got the Top 5 this week!! Great list as always, keep up the excellent work!!

  • John D

    Surprised no EOS 2, it had such a long run on the list. Hard to narrow it down though, I get that. And I understand the list LOL 🙂

  • accustomfigures

    No new list this week?

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